The real reason Paul Anderson was attracted to his role in Peaky Blinders

During a conversation with BBC On what drew him to the role of Arthur Shelby, Paul Anderson began by talking about the script and the power of the show’s creative team. “First of all, the script, the writer, Steven Knight, and I think that actually happened when I met Otto Bathurst, who directed the first three episodes,” Anderson said. “I met him and I got this enthusiasm from him and this impression from him that it was really right, it was really good.”

Also, Anderson was thrilled to play such an imperfect character and really got into the reasons why someone ended up being that way. “These are the most interesting roles: violent, violent, dark characters,” Anderson said. “There are so many possibilities here because you can do obviously violent things, but then you can play different layers with a violent man. There is a reason for this behavior and mentality… It was a pleasure to play Arthur Shelby. Much better than playing the nice guy.”

And while Peaky Blinders ended its six-season run in 2022, Anderson will have at least one more chance to delve into Arthur’s warped psyche. A Peaky Blinders movie is currently in development. I hope Anderson enjoys filming as much as he did making the show.

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