The real reason Peeves didn’t star in the Harry Potter films

Sometimes a favorite book turns into a movie and the result is not so good. But Harry Potter Fans were definitely in awe of this franchise, as eight films bring these beloved characters to life in a thrilling and soulful way.

Fans love to discuss all the intricacies of books and films, from the meaning of Harry Potter’s birthday to some of the changes that took place when J.K. Rowling’s novels were filmed. Fans have noticed that Peeves’ character is absent from the films and have a lot of questions about it. Keep reading to find out the real reason Peeves wasn’t at Harry Potter cinema.


Why Peeves was cut from the Harry Potter films

Fans love to hear about Harry Potter current work projects of the actors, but not all characters from the book series make it into the film franchise.

It turns out that Rick Mayall was chosen and even filmed his role in “The Phantom of Peeves”, but then Peeves has been removed from Harry Potter cinema

Independent reported that after Rick Mayall passed away in 2014, people found a video of him talking about the shooting. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He said, “I did it, I went and damn it, I did it. I played Peeves in Harry Potter.

Rick Mayall explained that he didn’t think the movie was good, so he was okay that it wasn’t in it: “with all due respect … no, no respect at all … the movie was shitty.” He said that he was given a salary anyway: “I went home and I received money – significant. Then a month later they said, “Rick, I’m sorry, you’re not in the movie.” But I still got the money. So it was the most exciting film I have ever done, ”as it did not make it into the film. He added: “Fantastic.”

While Rick Mayall didn’t mind not being in the movie, some fans would have liked Peeves to be included. Reddit user jamieherooftime shared in a thread: “Honestly, I don’t think there is any excuse for not making Peeves in the films. He was one of the funniest characters in the books and he really added depth to the world of Harry Potter. “

Chris Colombus wants Peeves in the movie: in accordance with Wrapper, the director said there was a three-hour version of the film and he wanted people to see it. The director explained, “Me too. We have to bring Peeves back into the movie, who was cut from the movie! “

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Who is Peeves’ Harry Potter character?

Poltergeist Peeves is one of the most interesting Harry Potter symbols.

In accordance with Harry potter wiki, he began his studies at Hogwarts in c. 993. He is known for not plotting anything good, which adds to the drama of the story. Peeves stands out the most because he can be seen, but he can also make himself invisible when needed.

One of his most famous moments happened in the 1994 and 1995 school years, when everyone was enjoying their school meal and he poured water balloons over them. Argus Filch said to Snape, “It’s Peeves, Professor! He threw this egg down the stairs. “

Harry studied Defense Against the Dark Arts the following year, and Harry was annoyed to see Druse in the hallway.

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What was Rick Mayall’s career like?

Rick Mayall is best known for his role in the British sitcom. Young… He played the character Rick throughout the show’s two seasons.

The show is about college students who live together in London.

When Riku was 48 years old, he answered several questions in The keeperand he talked about his love for acting and comedy career. Rick said, “I have no outer life. Consider it pretentious if you want, but I see myself as an artist, like Picasso, getting up in the morning and painting a little, so I’m going to do what I do until I die. “

Rick Mayall became famous for performing while standing in London’s The Comedy Store and Standard reported that he started telling jokes there in 1979. At the time, he and Adrian Edmondson were only 21 years old.

Hello Magazine reported that Rick went for a run, and when he returned home, he had an “acute heart attack.” His wife Barbara said, “We have always known that Rick is very loved, but we are all overwhelmed that so many people have joined us in our grief.”

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Till Harry Potter fans were sad not to see Peeves in the movies, at least he’s still an important part of the franchise and fans can read all about him in the books.

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