The Real Reason Penn Badgley Hasn’t Seen Gossip Girl’s Reboot

Bedley added that there was “just something weird” about playing the role of Dean before playing Joe.

“I think Breaking bad. Emerged in 2008. It was a great moment where we suddenly became interested in a different kind of anti-hero or villain, you know? A kind of moral compass and one that became increasingly irrelevant to the show. Talking girl, [from] My understanding of it all. So to take someone, you know, who is known for this particular type, like, you know, this iconography of a good man, maybe without too much dimension, and then put it in it – that Not to mention, in the end Talking girlTechnically speaking, Dean was revealed to be a complete sociopath. He was manipulating. So, you know, yes, it’s not lost.

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