The real reason the South Park episode of World of Warcraft was so revolutionary

If there is an animation show known for its harshness and daring, then it will definitely be South Park… The show has had a huge impact on the pop culture world with its unique dark tone. South Park regularly pokes fun at celebrities that people have come to associate with it. And on many occasions, the show spoke to the future precisely, which amazes fans.

Like any other show South Park has a definite formula, but there is one episode that is completely untrue. We’re talking about Episode 8 of Season 10. In Make Love Not Warcraft, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman play the super popular video game World of Warcraft and take on a tough challenge. Keep reading to find out the real reason why South ParkThe World of Warcraft episode was so revolutionary.


The animation style in the South Park episode of World of Warcraft was creative and brilliant

While fans praise one South Park In particular, the episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” also received a lot of positive reviews.

What makes this episode stand out is the video game within the concept of the show. In this episode, written by co-authors Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the protagonists play World of Warcraft and tire of one player who wins by killing everyone else. The characters want to defeat him.

Jay Jay Franzen was interview about it South Park episode on the, and shared a copy of the interview as the website no longer exists.

JJ Franzen said that Trey Parker was the person who came up with the concept for this episode and, as he explained, “he wanted the in-game stuff to be completely 3D, not the 2.5D that defines the usual South Park look.”

Trey wanted to follow World of warcraft game, and JJ said, “I mentioned the possibility of trying to film in-game stuff actually in the game. I followed machinima from time to time for years and knew that people were getting good results from WoW. ” Creation of the episode seemed difficult as Trey wanted “a level of detail and expressiveness” and JJ felt that the animators would have to “design everything themselves.”

While everyone was still really interested in the idea, Trey, JJ and the team had a meeting, and JJ explained that Blizzard Entertainment was also excited to work on the concept. The same animators from the show took over the task, and fans were definitely impressed with the look of the episode.

Matt Stone talks about season 10 Southern steamTo in an interview with IGN in 2012 before the premiere of season 10. When asked if he had any stories to share in the upcoming season, he referred to the episode and said, “We’re going to do World of warcraft show. It may be the first – it may be the first, but it may not be. “

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JJ explained the animation style: “We mainly settled on in-game and Maya versions of the same characters, which allowed us to switch between in-game frames and frames that we animated and rendered ourselves.”

The episode’s animation style is called machinima., this means that you are using computer graphics in your animation. The publication explains this as “repurposing video game assets to create animated films for publication on the Internet.”

The episode is especially interesting for video game fans, especially those familiar with World of Warcraft, and it’s such a creative idea.

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Trey Parker had an interesting reaction to this episode of South Park

Concerning Trey Parker’s reaction to this South Park episode, he didn’t want it to be on television.

In accordance with CribTrey Parker believed that people would not like this episode and that popular opinion about the series would change. But that didn’t happen as people were definitely big fans. reported that Trey Parker said, “We shot one episode, it was the first show of the season, and I thought I lost it. I don’t know how to do it anymore. I pleaded with Ann, “Don’t let this air because I don’t want the South Park legacy to be destroyed and this show will ruin it because it’s so terrible and I’m just going to feel terrible.”

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Many South Park fans love that this episode focuses on their favorite video game. A fan shared on Reddit, “I think a lot of people could relate to this, especially if you’ve played any MMO. When I first saw this episode, I thought it was pretty cool that they really showed in the in-game footage. ”

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