The real reason Tom Felton left The Flash

A major franchise can change someone’s life overnight, and that’s exactly what happened to a young Harry Potter Cast. These young performers turned into world stars after the franchise debuted, and they’ve all had to keep going since the franchise ended. Some of them stayed busy, but stars like Bonnie Wright were in hiding.

Tom Felton became famous thanks to the franchise, but even before playing Draco, he starred in his favorite films of the 90s. Ever since he brandished his wand, Felton was busy, even entering the Arrow Universe for a while. The fans loved him in that universe, and were surprised and saddened when he left.


Let’s take a closer look at Tom Felton and find out why he left Flash

Tom Felton has a successful career

Having worked in the entertainment industry since childhood, Tom Felton should be familiar to millions of fans around the world. On the big and small screens, the man has seen a bit of everything, and thanks to a number of different projects, he has developed a rather successful career.

Of course, it is impossible to talk about what Felton achieved without paying tribute to the time when he played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter franchise. He was the perfect fit for Malfoy, and he really brought out everything that makes Draco such an irresistible character. Love him or hate him, the franchise simply wouldn’t be the same without Draco’s presence, and that’s a testament to what Felton did to the character on screen.

Outside Harry Potter Franchise, Tom Felton has a lot of work to do and has a number of notable merit that some people might overlook. In the end, his time as Draco Malfoy overshadows much of what he has done, but the man had an underappreciated career with solid credit. One such achievement is that he played Julian Albert in Flash some years ago.

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He played Julian Albert in The Flash.

During the third season FlashTom Felton was absolutely brilliant as Julian Albert, and fans had high hopes that he would be on the show for a long time. He became a regular on the show and developed some serious chemistry with the rest of the cast on the show.

Julian Albertwho is also known as Doctor Alchemy, could have evolved into a much larger role, but the show’s writers had something else in mind while Felton was still filming the episodes. Even though his role didn’t grow into something as big as it could have been, the actor still made the most of his time in the Arrow universe, and fans loved what he brought to the franchise.

It seemed like things were going well enough for the third season of the hit show, but fans immediately took notice of the fact that the fourth season of the show began with Felton nowhere to be seen.

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Felton’s contract was for one season only.

So why did Tom Felton leave Flash some years ago? Well, the actor only signed up for one season of the show, and instead of writing him for future seasons, the people behind the scenes decided to let him walk instead.

This actually came as a surprise to fans as his character was gaining serious traction. Felton himself even acknowledged the fact that many people began to recognize him from his work on the series, and not from his work on the series. Harry Potter movies.

“More fans turn to me for this these days than for Potter, which is a real tribute, I think. But yeah, I’ll keep saying that … go online and start pestering these producers and say, “Bring Julian back.” he said

Even after leaving, the actor admitted that he was ready to return in the future.

As Felton said, “I miss this. I miss these guys terribly, yeah. I miss Grant and the whole team there. I had a great nine months there in Vancouver. Yes, I say, bring Julian back! “

Even at this stage of the game, it would be great for fans to see Tom Felton at least once again on the show. There are always people who come and go in the Arrowverse, so Felton’s return is out of the question.

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Tom Felton had a successful but short time. Flashand it will continue to delight fans to see him return.

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