The real reason Tom Hanks never played Doctor Who

Appearance on “Happy, Sad, Confused” In a podcast, Tom Hanks claimed that Peter Capaldi, now known to everyone as the Twelfth Doctor, approached the producers of Doctor Who with a request that Hanks appear as the incarnation of the Doctor. Whether it was Capaldi’s intention for Hanks to replace him as the next Doctor, or perhaps for him to guest star as another incarnation – a la John Hurt’s War Doctor – is not really clear. But according to Hanks, it would definitely be the Doctor.

In recent years, the producers of Doctor Who have been listening to a growing fan base and bringing racial and gender diversity to the Doctor’s bloodline. Starting right after Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker became the first female Doctor, and it was recently announced that her replacement would be Nkuti Gatwa, the first person of color to play the Doctor.

But for Hanks, the main reason he doesn’t think he’ll be a good doctor is a bit simpler: he’s not British. Can you imagine the outrage? Hanks asked host Josh Horowitz. “I’m an American and I’ll go and jump in this red phone booth and you know, and either put on a scarf or whatever. I don’t think Anthony. You know, Quinn could play Zorba the Greek in today’s popular opinion. But why? You know why Josh is because he’s not Greek.

Of course, as any real Hovian will tell you, the phone booth – aka the TARDIS – isn’t red. It’s blue. Maybe it’s for the best that the producers picked up Capaldi’s idea.

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