The real reason was Dwayne Johnson’s fear of becoming a father.

That’s right, even Hollywood’s sweetest man has his own insecurities behind the scenes. As we will understand, entering the Father was a lot of work. Dwayne Johnson, Especially everything that was going on in his life at the time.

In addition, he used a different style of parenting, Her father, Rocky Johnson. Usually went about their relationship with strong love. As the DJ revealed at the same time. FatherHe certainly did not do this to his daughters.

I will honestly do anything to put a smile on my children’s faces. 12 to 15 months, that unique age of 2 years, everything is amazing, and you can revive Pacquiao. Amazing magic that I really, really love. I’m like an adult ”

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Although he has control of things today, this is not always the case. We will take a look at his circumstances when he was first born, Simon, when he was 29 years old. His girls.

He was still judging the world.

He had Simon. With his ex-wife Danny Garcia.. Dwayne confessed. He did not believe in his abilities as a father. Yet. In fact, he was still trying to find his place in the world, which must have added to the pressure.

“When I was 29, we had Simon. I was flying from my pants seat. All the fathers there know and many mothers know. Guess who you are and what you have in the world.” There is space

The DJ would go on to say that being his father’s only reference point didn’t help at all, provided their relationship was one of intense love, “My own references at the time were my own, and he Strong love of my upbringing. ”

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As if all this was not under enough pressure, the DJ was undergoing a major change in his professional career as well, which left the world of pro wrestling at the top and moved into acting life.

Changes in his personal career

It was a difficult time, as the DJ jumped out of wrestling, and let’s just say the characters didn’t get in his way in the beginning – especially the notable characters. He was struggling to take notice, and as if it weren’t that hard, Hollywood wanted him to live up to the standards, which meant losing weight and living a pro-wrestling life in the past. Basically, he was told to be a new person …

Down the road, the DJ had enough and he ‘left his team’Tooth fairy‘. Before that, however, it was a struggle in all aspects of life.

“I was moving to Hollywood, trying to be the best husband and the best dad I could ever be as a brand new dad. Now, being in my 40s, I’ve lived a little bit. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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Not only did he become a great father, but the characters also began to revolve around him once he formed a new team around himself and was able to become himself.

Becoming a great parent along the way.

He is a man of many talents but according to his words. the people , He is most proud to be a father.

“I felt that being a father was the biggest and biggest job I’ve ever done,” the actor said. I always wanted to be a great father. Found. ”

She has become not only a great parent but most importantly, He won the trust of his daughter., Which is a big deal.

There was a time when I said, ‘Do me a favor: I want you to tell me what you like most about our relationship,’ and he said, ‘OK. Yes, I trust you. ”

And for a 13-year-old girl to tell her father that I was 13 years old, the instability that was inside me. She said, ‘Well, I trust you and this That we have a very special relationship, ‘which impressed me.

Admirable relationship to say the least.

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