The real reason we’re getting a Ferris Bueller spin-off, according to John Hurwitz

When DiversityJordan Moreau from the studio asked the three showrunners if they would approach Sam & Victor the same way they did Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz answered yes and at length. Confirming that all three were deeply shaped by the films of the 80s, he clarified this point.

“We love side travel,” he said. “A great wish comes true at the Ferris Bueller with two valets taking this amazing Ferrari on an incredible ride.” But Hurwitz also said that while in the film we only see two of them flying a car over a hill in Chicago, their actions – and even their very existence – raise a bunch of questions that go unanswered in the original film.

Hurwitz said that he, Schlossberg, and Heald wanted to ask what was going on in Sam and Victor’s lives, especially in contrast to the privileged, relatively sheltered suburban existence of Ferris (Matthew Broderick). It seems that the continuation of this theme has provided fuel for originality.

“What could have led them to need this car, want this car and take it?” asked Hurwitz. “When you start to unravel all the threads, it brings up a lot of ideas. We are happy to tell a completely different story that takes place in Chicago that day and not try to re-read Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

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