The real reason Yellowstone continues to be neglected by Emmy voters

One of the first—and biggest—expert theory about why Yellowstone isn’t getting Emmy Award nominations is simply that it’s a western, which is a genre of film and television that has long been considered barren when it comes to comes to awards.

“There is both a conscious and unconscious bias against the horse and cowboy arena,” explained the longtime television writer and producer, who spoke to reporters. Vanity Fair on condition of anonymity. “Part of it’s a demographic issue,” said another source identified as an Emmy voter. The person noted that Taylor Sheridan’s spin-off series 1883 was also rejected and how it also suffers due to different demographics. “The fact that there is Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in 1883 means he speaks a little to the country audience,” the Emmy voter said. “He’s very popular, but not in the right places for an Emmy.”

Throughout the history of television and film, Western projects have rarely won the love of voters at an awards ceremony (via FilmSite). Modern and more recent westerns have seen much more success lately, like Netflix’s Hell or High Water and Dog Power, but their themes were nowhere near as conservative or rooted in cowboy culture and seriousness as Yellowstone. “has. And because of that, there’s one big audience that continues to feel left out…

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