The reality TV stars going broke by the end of 2021

Reality TV can be an incredibly lucrative source of income. People like the Duggars and the Kardashians-Jenners have seen a surge in their net worth since joining the reality TV market. Some celebrities whose careers were beginning to wither have returned thanks to reality shows such as Celebrity Apprentice or Masked singer.

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However, a few people who were once on the wave of financial success have collapsed badly due to poor financial planning, divorce, and credit card debt. By the end of 2021, these reality TV stars were either bankrupt or already bankrupt. Here are some reality TV favorites who are struggling to pay rent and keep the lights on right now.

10 Gary Busey

Although he was a fairly successful actor prior to his foray into reality television, Busey joined the cast of the series’ fourth season. Celebrity Apprentice… He also had a short-lived show called Gary Busey: Pet Judge, and he appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Despite appearing on several shows, Busey still has over $ 500,000 in unsecured medical and credit card debt.… Some of his financial troubles date back to the tragic motorcycle accident he suffered in 1988, and since then, his financial troubles have only increased every year.


9 Stephen Baldwin

Like Busey, Baldwin has done quite well in Hollywood, though not nearly as well as his brother Alec. Baldwin found work on shows like Famous Big Brother, Famous Disciple, and I’m a celebrity, take me out of here. But despite his best efforts, Baldwin struggled to pay the piper. His home was foreclosed in 2017 and he owes more than $ 100,000 in tax evasion. His net worth barely reaches $ 1 million today, his daughter has more money than heand he is the only brother of Baldwin to file for bankruptcy.

eight Sonya Morgan

V Real Housewives of New York The star broke the internet when she announced she had nearly $ 20 million in debt in 2020 and filed for bankruptcy. While her new clothing line is helping her get back on track despite being married to a $ 100 million family, Morgan alone is now worth just $ 8 million.

7 Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Former stars today The hills are some of the loudest financial failures in reality TV history. Once rising to the pinnacle of the show’s superpowered couple, spending $ 3,000 on haircuts and making over $ 1 million a year, the two have grown from a combined fortune of $ 10 million to just $ 300,000 almost overnight. This money is still being cut to this day because two have not worked for years.

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6 Janice Dickinson

Retired supermodel who worked as a judge for America’s Next Top Model filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and she never recovered from this financial trap. A year earlier, she was evicted from her Los Angeles home and it was discovered that she owed money to several of her employees. Even if you are in financial difficulty, withholding employees’ salaries is a serious offense that can lead to heavy fines and jail time. Today, it still owes thousands of unpaid taxes that existed decades ago.

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5 John Gosselin

The financial wave that divorced couple Gosselin was on in 2007 collapsed… In his divorce from Keith in 2009, Gosselin lost most of his money in the divorce proceedings, some of which went to Keith during the division of their property, and almost $ 2 million went to lawyers and legal fees. Today, Gosselin’s fortune is barely $ 50,000, and he still lives separately from his children.

4 Kate Gosselin

Although the divorce did her good at first, the loss of their show and popularity has led Kate along a path similar to that of her ex-husband.… A mother of eight recently put her home up for sale for $ 1.8 million, ostensibly to offset her dwindling finances. Some sources said that since she has not participated in exhibitions for many years, she is now entering the real labor market again.

3 Josh Duggar

Arrested and recently convicted of possession of child pornography, Duggar’s son raised over $ 500,000 in legal fees. and his family is also on the brink of financial ruin. His father, Jim Bob Duggar, lost his $ 850,000 salary when TLC canceled the Duggars reality show Expect on… The family’s total net worth is still $ 3.5 million, but it will likely collapse without a new show. Not all Duggars are struggling, however, as Joy-Anna Duggar earns a healthy lifestyle by flipping houses and distancing herself from her disgraced brother and parents.

2 Tori Spelling

Tory Spelling would have been worth anywhere between $ 300 million and $ 600 million if her father, the late television legend Arron Spelling, had left her with what people expected of him. However, her cold-blooded father left Tori and her brother a million dollars each. Spelling stayed afloat by joining the reality TV world and had a successful show with her husband called Tory and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Despite her best efforts, her bank accounts were seized for money owed by American Express, and it currently costs only $ 1.5 million.

one Mike ‘Situation’ Sorrentino

Although most Jersey shore graduates sit on different incomes from 3 to 4 million dollars. The situation got a tenth of that due to bad decisions. He went from $ 10 million in his name to a modest $ 300,000 when it was revealed how much he owed in tax evasion and he was forced to serve some time in prison for tax evasion. Since its release, The Situation has yet to recover to over $ 1 million and is still only $ 300,000.

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