The reason for the separation of the couple “Vanderpump Rules” Raquel Lewis and James Kennedy

Vanderpump Rules regularly drew public attention to the shortcomings between Raquel Levisse and James Kennedy. Their relationship was tested by a series of accusations of infidelity, but they always seemed to find a way to work things out. Their turbulent relationship unfolded in front of fans, but it still came as an absolute shock when they revealed that after five years of marriage, they broke off the engagement.

After the announcement of their breakup, it became clear that it was Raquel who blocked their future together, and that James was desperate to find a way to keep her in his life. She had already made the decision to break up, and there were many reasons why she was no longer willing to explore this relationship further.

10 Raquel Levisse’s heart was no longer in him.

It’s always clear when a relationship really ended, and Raquel had no doubt that she was over. Something had changed in her over the holidays, and her attitude towards James had changed irrevocably. When talking to James he could tell by the look in her eyes that “her heart was no longer for it,” and that was absolutely right. Raquel made up her mind and was determined to break off the engagement.

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9 What went wrong between Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy

There were many things that added up to make Raquel feel this way. Speaking of Sheana Shay’s “Scheananigans” podcast, she made it clear that “a combination of things” led her to this decision. There were too many things that didn’t work, and a number of things she constantly put up with. It got to the point where she just couldn’t take it anymore. The couple broke up shortly before the dramatic reunion show.

eight James Kennedy didn’t get along with Raquel Leviss’s family

One of the biggest controversies for Raquel Levisse was the fact that James Kennedy didn’t get along with her parents. He seemed to hold a grudge against them, and in his eyes they never matched him. The holidays caused a lot of tension between both parties, and Raquel admitted that she began to feel like she had to choose between the two. Feeling this, it became clear that this struggle was too overwhelming. She put her family first.

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7 Raquel Leviss feared for her future children

The holidays were very stressful for Raquel due to the fact that her family and fiancé were in the same room, but could not get along. Raquel struggled with difficult emotions and began to imagine what life would be like if they had children together. Given the way James treated her family, she was confident that he would tell negative things about her parents to their future children, and she could see the potential for isolation from her immediate family to appease James. This scenario did not give much hope for a positive future.

6 James Kennedy’s Anger Problems

James Kennedy has demonstrated that he has a sharp tongue, a tough attitude, and becomes enraged very quickly. Fans have seen it firsthand on multiple occasions on the show, and Raquel Leviss has experienced his wrath first hand. When she described the moment she decided to end James, she said, “It was kind of like Thanksgiving when I realized that I didn’t want to be in this relationship anymore and since James has a history of being aggressive and angry, my mom and I were worried that he wouldn’t have a good reaction when I told him.”

5 Raquel Levisse fears for her safety

As a direct result of his short temper and unpredictable behavior, Raquel Leviss actually feared for her safety when she was with James Kennedy. This was a shock to the fans, and it was probably even harder for her to understand. She said she knew she was going to break up with him when they were at Disneyland, after Thanksgiving, but she didn’t feel safe enough at the time to break the news. She said she felt she “had to pretend to make sure I was safe.”

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4 Raquel felt emotionally unsupported

Raquel Levisse described the feeling of isolation during her relationship with James Kennedy. She said she doesn’t feel like she has a partner she can trust and share her feelings with. Seeking support from James did not always lead to a benevolent response. During their breakup, she told him that she felt that he had created his own path and that she was saddened that he chose not to support her emotionally and be there to bring her back when she needed it most.

3 Raquel Levisse hated the way James Kennedy treated others

It wasn’t just the way James treated her that was the problem. Raquel also disagreed with how he treated others and reflected on a number of occasions that were both embarrassing and uncomfortable for her. During their breakup, she spoke about how she felt when James was harsh, rude, and dismissive of others, and stated that she herself would never treat anyone like that. She felt that his temperament reflected poorly on her due to the association, and stated, “I don’t appreciate the way you treat other people; I don’t treat other people that way. And a part of me dies inside every time you mistreat someone.”

2 James Kennedy ran out of chances

Hearing the harsh reality that Raquel Levisse no longer wanted to walk down the aisle and share a future with him, James Kennedy begged for her forgiveness and asked if there was anything he could do to change the outcome. Raquel stood firm in her decision and let him know that she had already given him so many chances and his true face continues to shine. It was the end of the road and she couldn’t offer more room for improvement.

one Will James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss remain friends?

Now that they are no longer an item, it seems like Raquel Levisse and James Kennedy are getting along a lot better. Fans are beginning to think that they are destined to be friends, not lovers. They kept their break clean by not scolding each other online, and Raquel went so far as to say, “We spent so much time with each other and at one point he was the love of my life, but more than that, he was my best friend and we shared everything together. We will try our best to remain friends.”

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