The reason why the fictional couple Meredith and Derek from “Grey’s Anatomy” registered a real marriage

For their fifth season wedding, ABC’s marketing department launched a website for the couple. Although the site is no longer available, People saved categories and contents for reference. The wedding site had sections detailing “Couple”, “Proposal” and “Dresses”. He even had a gift registry, albeit with a twist. Instead of providing a list of gifts that people could buy for the fictitious couple, donations were requested for charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to various health issues. Among them were American Academy of Neurology Foundation, American Skin Foundationand Alzheimer’s Association.

All of these organizations benefited issues that were important to the characters in Grey’s Anatomy or influenced their storylines. Derek was head of neuroscience while Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl) was battling advanced skin cancer during Meredith and Derek’s engagement. Finally, Meredith’s mother suffered and eventually died of Alzheimer’s.

All in all, a nice touch of Shonda Rhimes for a few good reasons.

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