The reasons why these musicians (almost) retired are revealed

There are many reasons why musicians abandon the art that made their names famous and end the day. Some artists clash so much with their labels due to creative differences or contract disputes, some felt tired of the industry or unable to offer something new, and some just wanted to focus on other things in life. While it is absolutely true that great musicians make big bucks, it cannot be denied that the fast paced nature of the industry can crush someone physically and mentally.

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From Jay-z To EminemMany music industry stars have nearly retired, at least until they announced their comeback. Simply put, they just couldn’t resist the call to compose songs and perform, and fans were more than happy to see their favorite artists come back with their magic. Their return to the game was greeted with enthusiasm by both fans and critics. Here are the reasons why these musicians “almost” ended their careers, revealed.

6 Eminem

Eminem was at the peak of his career in the 2000s, but a series of unsuccessful events: another failed marriage, problems with addiction, battles in the courtroom over an argument with a bouncer from a hard rock club and the death of his best friend Proof prompted him to almost hang microphone forever. After the release of their first greatest hits album Bowing to the public and compilation Shady Records Re-upEm slipped out of sight briefly.

It was rumored that he would release his last album, titled King Matherswhich includes a track called “It’s Been Real” in which he thanks Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, his fellow D-12 compatriots and his fans. Fortunately, one night in 2007, after an overdose in the bathroom, Em managed to sober up and released Relapse 2009 album.


5 Dan Styles

Steely Dan was once one of the greatest genre rock bands in the world, which included Walter Becker and Donald Feigen. Their platinum-certified comeback album two decades later Two against nature, won the Grammy for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album in 2001. Sadly, Walter passed away in 2017 after battling esophageal cancer. The loss came at a cost to Donald, as he once and for all decided to drop the Styles Dan name in honor of his late longtime friend, but promoters persuaded him to stay put for “commercial reasons.”

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4 Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne also once thought about retirement. In a 2004 interview, the then 22-year-old told a local news channel in Houston that he didn’t want him “to be 35 and start rapping,” promoting the album’s release Tha Carter II. He also said Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in 2011 that he retired at 35 to focus on his children and family, and earned Tha Carter V his latest album. He’s 39 now, and Veasey is still here. He released a mixtape called No ceilings 3 and a joint project with Rich the Kid called Trust fund babies in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and is currently working on Tha Carter VI… So he has yet to fully retire.

3 Lauryn Hill

Despite only releasing one album as a soloist and two more with the Fugees trio, Lauryn Hill has consistently been hailed as one of the greatest musicians to ever grace the microphone. However, the 46-year-old rap star doesn’t release any music, leading fans to believe she’s retiring for good. Suffering from the pressure of fame, Lauryn remained out of the spotlight for a long time. Although she did appear in 2001 during an MTV Unplugged 2.0 performance, her vocal cords were damaged and no one was seen working on a new album.

The whole concept of retirement that I don’t even believe in“- she said in an interview in 2000.” We have to constantly work – maybe not physically. working, but we could work spiritually, emotionally to improve ourselves and the lives of the people around us. “

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2 Jay-z

Sean “Jay-Z” Carter hosted a “retirement party” at Madison Square Garden in November 2003 and announced that he planned to retire in 2004 and did Black Album its the last one. He may have been only 33 years old, but at that time he was already an experienced host. Surprisingly, Jay retired just a few years later with The kingdom has come in 2007. While the album itself was a career edge for a rapper of this caliber, his return to the rap game was celebrated by many.

one Logics

Last year, shortly after the announcement of their sixth studio album No pressureLogic announced during a live broadcast on Twitch that it wanted to “focus on being a dad,” and put the microphone aside for good. The rapper then signed a lucrative deal with the streaming platform giant, through which he releases beats, hangs out with fans and plays games with many internet characters.

“Having officially announced his retirement by releasing the executive ‘No Pressure’ produced by No ID on July 24th … It’s been a great decade. Now is the time to be a great father, ”he wrote on Twitter. However, less than a year later, the rapper returned to music and released his seventh mixtape. Bobby Tarantino III

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