The rehearsal breaks all the rules of media ethics, but you should still watch it

In Episode 2, Angela invites a man she met on a dating site, Robbin Stone, to join the experiment as her imaginary partner. He is portrayed as a numbers-obsessed, irresponsible stoner who can’t get over a night of baby crying, but Stone likely violated the terms of his non-disclosure agreement by talking to Vice to set the record straight. “I think they really changed my personality,” he said. “The image is just all about making me look bad.”

Fielder even points the camera at himself, literally and figuratively, to show us that he knows he’s lying. In one of the scenes from Episode 4, he is watching the episode “Hermy and Friends” with one of the fake Adams: together we hear a dialogue between Hermy (Tim Conway) and Max Lucado, where the caterpillar tells the man that since he confessed, to lie that he can no longer be trusted.

If lewd and unnecessary dishonesty is the core of The Rehearsal, then the superficial disregard for the emotional well-being of others is its shell. It is one thing to film a six-year-old child in an advertisement or sitcom where there are clear boundaries between the role and his family life, and quite another to put the child in a situation where these boundaries are so blurred that he is lost. view of them.

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