The sad truth about Tess Holliday’s weight loss

Tess Holliday has had an incredible career. After working as a makeup artist, she became a favorite plus size model, while raising two children, Riley and Bowie. Tess Holliday is a model with a lot of Instagram followers: 2.4 million people want to see her smart and interesting posts about body positivity and her mental health issues.

Several celebrities shared their eating disorders and Tess Holliday talked about the reason for her weight loss. Earlier, in 2021, people started talking about what was happening with the model, and she was honest about it. Read on to find out the sad truth about Tess Holliday’s weight loss.


Tess Holliday fights anorexia

In May 2021, they started talking about losing weight Tess Holliday. Tess Holliday shared that she had fought anorexia

In accordance with Self.comTess Holliday told her fans on Twitter, “I’m anorexic and recovering. I am no longer ashamed to say it out loud. I am the result of a culture that extols thinness and equates it with dignity, but now I can write my own story. I can finally take care of the body that I have been punishing my whole life, and I am finally free. “

After Tess Holliday talked about what was going on, people were really angry and some said that Tess Holliday didn’t actually have anorexia… As Tess Holliday said Good morning america“I got a lot of messages from people with anorexia who were angry and angry because they thought I was lying. I’m big, but I’m in favor of variety and big bodies, so I think the people who heard me said I had anorexia were really unpleasant, heavy and confusing. “

Tess also explained that people need to understand that weight and health are not the same thing, and that this is a much more complex and subtle conversation. The model said, “You can’t look at someone and tell them if they are healthy. You just can’t. I understand that people are looking at me, and I don’t get close to what we saw as, you know, anorexia diagnosis. But then for me it says that there is a bigger problem, which I have actually talked about for many years, is that we have a similar, lack of diversity and representation in the world. “

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Tess Holliday has body dysmorphia

In an ABC News video, Tess Holliday spoke more about her eating disorder. She said, “I didn’t take care of myself the way I needed to.”

Tess said she would ignore her own needs to help other people and did not understand what was happening. She explained that she had an eating disorder for several decades and said that she would not eat all day and would simply ignore it because she cares about her children and is focused on her career.

Tess Holliday talks about her body dysmorphia also. In accordance with PeopleIn December 2021, Tess shared on her Instagram account that she was looking at her old photos and thinking about all the difficult times she faced. Tess explained in her caption, “This is why I say our size and weight do not affect our value because bodies evolve and moments fly by so quickly. And I do not want to waste a minute of my wonderful life. because I’m worried about new stretch marks. “

In accordance with WebMDwhen someone suffers from body dysmorphia, they look at themselves in the mirror and think they are seeing something that is not there, for example, an “imaginary physical defect.”

Neda’s deputy director of public affairs for Chelsea Cronenhold told The keeper What Tess Holliday says about her anorexia is positive, because there is often “stigma and misconceptions” that “overweight people” have eating disorders.

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In an interview with Stylishly, Tess Holliday talked about how she knew as a child that she wanted to be a model. She said people treated her really badly when she was growing up and she started living in Los Angeles in 2010.

Tess became famous and loved for her work in body positivity. In 2013, she shared a post on Instagram and created the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards and people loved the post.

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In June 2021, Tess Holliday shared on Instagram that she was attending Pilates classes again and was in awe of it.

Tess said in her Instagram Stories, “Guess who will FINALLY return to Hot Pilates! (I’m so excited I almost cried, lollll) “Yes, I’m so excited, I just finished Pilates, with my red face and my curly hair. I was finally able to get inside, and if you can’t tell, I’m just so happy, it’s crazy. Insane, instant mood lift “, – says People

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