The Sandman season 1 moments that upset fans the most

In addition to highlighting Dream’s interaction with Lucifer, Episode 4, titled “Hope in Hell”, also adapts the fifth issue of the Sandman comic titled “Passengers”. The Netflix series removes all Justice League appearances from the original version while keeping the story of John Dee hitchhiking to get back what he thinks is his ruby.

Dee is picked up and led by a kind woman named Rosemary (Sarah Niles), who initially enjoys his company and then slowly comes to realize just how dangerous he is. However, after their long journey together, she begins to sympathize with him and wishes to help him if she can. In the comics, this trip takes a deadly turn when John Dee casually kills Rosemary after she drops him off at his destination. However, in the series, he will not only spare Rosemary’s life, but also give her a necklace that will make her immortal.

While this is an intriguing change, Rosemary’s senseless death in the comics signaled that John Dee was acting according to his own terrifying logic and had a sense of impending horror at what he would do in the next issue, in which he takes up residence in a small 24-story house. hour diner. While that sense of uneasiness hasn’t completely disappeared in the Netflix series, this version of the story makes John Dee a little less intimidating, although it works much better from Rosemary’s point of view.

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