The scandalous star Toey looks like a schoolboy beyond recognition to drastic weight loss

“The only way is Essex.” Former star Joey Turner shared a photo that captured him as a schoolboy – and he looks completely different.

The 20-year-old recently raised concerns after talking about his dramatic weight loss.


Joey Turner as a child at school
Former reality TV star worries fans about her recent appearance


Former reality TV star worries fans about her recent appearance

And in this retrospective photo, a peroxide blonde uni student looks completely separate from himself in his youth.

He has light brown hair, slightly curled, and is surrounded by pals.

But cheeky Joey joked in the caption: “I’m at school. I miss terrorizing people, preparing them for the real world. “

Joey has been inundated with negative comments about his appearance since leaving ITVBe.

His former co-star and close friend Chloe Brockett, 21, reminded people this week that words can hurt after being brutally punched for being “too thin.”

Chloe pleaded with “the internet to be kinder” during her Instagram Q&A when a fan asked if she and Joey were still friends.

The Celebs Go Dating star replied, “Of course it is. He called me today.

“I love him very much and I want the Internet to be kinder to him. @Joeyturnerrr “.

In October, Chloe hit back at fans by advising her to “help” a university student.

After sharing new photos of her skinny shot, Chloe reacted to concerned fans commenting on his appearance on Instagram by insisting, “It’s his choice.”

“What confuses me a little is why I’m constantly being tagged in these photos, saying that I have to ‘help’ Joey,” the reality TV star wrote.

“He’s fine, he’s eating. I talked to him, I see him regularly, all these people preaching “help your friend” also write “disgusting” and “too bad”!

“Sorry Karen from Blackpool, did I forget that you see Joey regularly and know what he eats and how he is?”

“And yet complete strangers are moaning at me, his friend?

“Joey is fine and we communicate regularly. I understand that he looks thin, but this is his personal choice. “

Last month, Joey was forced to fight back followers who called him “too thin” because he admitted that he was not worried about comments about his figure.

“I am not your role model,” he wrote in a statement.

“To be honest, I am not limited by comments, I just want those who have been about me to know that I am fine.

“I don’t care about comments, simply because I find it difficult to take into account the opinions of people who do not know anything about me, my diet, my metabolism or my medical history with my weight.

“I am a 20-year-old student, I am not on television. I am a student like anyone else, and I am not your role model, so if you want someone to look up to someone else, I suggest putting someone else on a pedestal, because I am not him. “

He added to Kristen Bell Tattoos: “I weigh seven and a half stones, but I don’t weigh myself. I don’t care how much I weigh. I am thin, I cannot do anything about the fact that I am thin. “

Joey admitted that he “always had a long and slender body,” and believed he was on a healthy diet of grains, salads and sushi.

“I don’t eat much. I’m not really a foodie, I don’t suffer from anorexia, I just don’t want to get involved in gluttony, ”he replied.

He uploads scandalous pictures to Instagram.


He uploads scandalous pictures to Instagram.Credit: Instagram
Chloe Brockett of Towie encourages people to be kinder to her buddy


Chloe Brockett of Towie encourages people to be kinder to her buddy
Joey Turner from Towie shocked by donning top skeleton

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