The scene with Rhaenyra and Ser Kriston that led to the removal of the extra from the set of Dragon House

Millie Alcock and Fabienne Frankel play Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Kriston Cole respectively in The House of the Dragon. Seventeen to talk about some of the behind-the-scenes memories they shared throughout the show’s first season. When asked which scene was the most difficult for them to shoot, both Alcock and Frankel agreed that it was the scene where Ser Kriston has to catch the wreath of Rhaenyra during the duels in the first season, episode 1 (“Heirs of the Dragon”) . “It was windy and Fabian couldn’t catch the wreath,” Alcock recalled.

However, things got pretty tense on set when the House of the Dragon extras started cheering or booing depending on how Frankel caught the wreath on his spear during the jousting scenes. However, there was one particularly egregious extra that was removed for a very strange reason.

“Guy with Sunglasses!” Alcock remembered how they chatted. “He’s been taken down!” Shortly thereafter, Frankel intervened. “This extra was just dressed up like straight sunglasses,” Alcock continued. Apparently not wanting fans to catch another production mess, the crew members urged the extra to take off his sunglasses, but he refused so many times that he was pulled from the set of House of the Dragon. While this is probably not the best career move for a performer who is trying to make a name for himself in the acting scene, hopefully the extra has learned his lesson and will try to be more professional on future shoots.

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