The Simpsons fans are still discussing this funny Hans Moleman detail.

redditor u/double menstrual published an image of Hans Moulman’s driver’s license bearing his name Ralph Melisch and wrote over it: “Happy 101st birthday of Hans Moulman.” But u/mkrabsfirstbuck age seems to confuse him, and he replies, “I thought drinking ruined his life, and he was only 30 years old around … 1992?” The confusion fans are experiencing is to be expected, given that The Simpsons hasn’t handled Moleman’s age-related continuity very well.

In Season 2, Episode 14 (“Headline Charm”), his driver’s license states that he was born in 1921, meaning he is over 100 years old. He then reveals that he is 31 at an AA meeting in Season 4, Episode 16 (“No Assholes”). Later, in Season 10, Episode 11 (“Wild Barts Won’t Break”), Hans Moleman is one of the older characters who doesn’t have to enforce the curfew for those under 70.

It’s weird to think of Moleman as an ageless character that’s been around for over a century, mostly because when he first appeared, the creator wasn’t a fan. In an interview with Vulture, executive producer Al Jean discussed Matt Groening’s reaction to the cute loser, saying, “At the color screening, Matt Groening stood up and said, ‘This should never appear on the show again.’ Jin confirms that he “loves him as much as he loves everyone else”. While Hans Moleman’s actual date of birth may remain a mystery, it’s safe to say that the beloved character has aged a lot over the years, becoming a true favorite of The Simpsons.

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