The Simpsons will reveal their prophetic secret in a future episode

In a recent interview with TermMatt Selman has detailed what the upcoming 34th season of The Simpsons has in store for fans. “This is probably the best season 34 of any show you’ve ever seen,” the showrunner joked, before revealing that this latest part of the Springfield narrative will feature two Halloween episodes, an anime parody, and a feature-length twist on Stephen King. It’ starring Dan Castellaneta’s Krusty the Clown as the story’s terrifying antagonist, a guest appearance by Melissa McCarthy, a storyline that sees Homer in a cabal, and more.

However, out of all of Selman’s brilliant synopses, there is one that is sure to intrigue the show’s most ardent fans a little more than others. “We have another crazy concept episode that explains how The Simpsons knows the future,” he told the publication, adding, “It’s a concept episode with a lot of crazy stuff, but it explains how The Simpsons can predict the future.”

Selman didn’t go into explaining the actual plot of the episode, so viewers won’t know until it airs whether he meant explaining the show’s effect on the real world in the universe or a fourth-wall-breaking exploration of the writers’ approach. to these things. Since he managed to use the word “conceptual” twice, one thing’s for sure: the next chapter in the country’s longest-running series of screenplays will offer us – and as often happens with The Simpsons – something completely new. (And possibly something that hasn’t even happened yet).

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