The site manager chases after the tenants’ homes, so the owner of the complex loses half a million to his entire company.

This viral story The subreddit posted on Nuclear Revenge comes from a 35-year-old man and owner of a 72-unit apartment complex.

The author explained that after signing contracts with a new site management company, his real estate friend and lawyer gave him an important piece of advice.

“They recommended adding a clause in there. It basically says, ‘If any legal action is taken against me for the apartment complex due to the negligence of the property management staff, the property management will pay all those costs and any will be liable for legal fees” explained

Turns out, this clause became critical to deal with after the site manager ignored a nasty roach infestation plaguing the tenants. Read below to see how this story turned out, and it will be self-evident why it ended up on the Nuclear Revenge community.

Image credit: Acton Crawford (not the original photo)

Image credit: Sarah Kemp (not original photo)

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