The story of how Barack Obama won his two Grammy Awards

When one mentions the Grammy Awards, most people think of great music, memorable performances, and world stars like Beyonc ،, Quincy Jones, Kenny West, or Bruce Springsteen. In fact, it is safe to say that no one immediately thought of the former US president. Barack Obama. However, an interesting fact about the Democratic Party member is that he actually has two Grammy Awards at home.

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Today, we are traveling down memory lane to explain how the politician influenced the recording academy. Find out when Barack Obama won his two Grammys and find out who else belongs in his family – keep scrolling to find out all the details!

Barack Obama has published four books since 1995.

During his political career, Barack Obama Four very successful books were published. In 1995, he published a memoir. Dream from my father: The story of race and inheritance.. In 2006 he published his second book. Courage of Hope: Thoughts on Recovering the American Dream Then the children’s book. I sing to you: a letter to my daughters. Released in 2010. And finally, last year, the former US president published a memorandum. A promised land..

Two of his books won him Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word Album

In 2004, the book. Dream from my father: The story of race and inheritance. Reprinted in 2006. He gave the politician a Grammy Award. In the category of the best spoken word album. In particular, it was, of course, a recording of Obama’s audiobook that won the award. This year’s Obama contest consisted of George Carlin, Al Franken, Garrison Calor and Sean Penn.

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In 2008, the former president of the United States won again in the same category – this time with the book. Courage of hope: Thoughts about reclaiming the American dream.. This year’s contestants were Maya Angelo, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Alan Alda.

The former US president won both awards before being elected.

One thing many people immediately noticed is that Barack Obama won both of his Grammy Awards before he was elected President. Although Obama has published two books since his election, it certainly looks like his first two major successes – at least the Recording Academy.

Obama is one of three American presidents to win the award.

Only three US presidents have won a Grammy Award, and Barack Obama is one of them. The other two are Jimmy Carter – who won the award in 2007. Our endangered values., For in 2016. A full life: 90 reflects., And for 2019. Faith: A Journey for All. – and Bill Clinton, who won the award in 2005. My life. It is safe to say that not every president can boast of having one or two Grammy Awards at home.

His wife, Michelle, also won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album

Winning a Grammy Award is something that Barack Obama has in common with his wife, Michelle. Former first lady last year. Won the award In the same category – the best-spoken word album – for his memory. to be.. In the category, Michelle Obama Defeated John Waters, two busty boys, Eric Alexandrax, and Seiko Andrews and String Theory.

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This means that the Obama family currently has three Grammy Awards to be proud of. Another former first lady who won in this category is Hillary Clinton, who took home the same award for her book in 1997. It takes a village: and other lessons children teach us.. Hillary Clinton was also nominated in 2004 but did not take home the award this year.

Barack Obama is in a very impressive company.

Although the Grammy Awards are known for recognizing most musicians, the Best Spoken Word Album category has certainly been a very popular winner for many years. In addition to Barack Obama, some of the celebrities who won the award include Carrie Fisher, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Stephen Colbert, Janice Ian, Betty White, John Stewart, Michael J. Fox, Beau Bridges, Cynthia Nixon, Blair Underwood, Aussie. Davis, Ruby D, El Franken, Maya Angelo, Quincy Jones, Sidney Poitier, Lee Burton, Christopher Rio, Charles Corlett, Henry Rollins, Aaron “Magic” Johnson, Robert O’Keefe, and more.

After all, the former US president has plenty of time to win more votes.

Although Obama already has three Grammy Awards in his house, there is no doubt that the former US president or his wife could win more in the future. The 60-year-old definitely has time to publish more of his writing – and when that happens, it’s safe to say that he also has a good chance of being nominated for Best Spoken Word Album again. Let’s just say that no one would be surprised if the Obama family had another village in their living room in the future.

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Michelle Obama won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album.
Michelle Obama won a Grammy … the inspiring truth of ‘becoming’

It was great to be the former first lady’s 2018 memoir, she just won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album.

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