The Story of Kanye West Appearing at the Cleveland Show

While Kanye West didn’t like Trey Parker and Matt Stone, he seemed to enjoy the work of Seth MacFarlane. According to a 2010 interview Entertainment WeeklyThe Cleveland Show co-creator Rich Appel noted that West was a Family Guy fan. Therefore, when the writers of the show approached him with a request to voice the character they wrote for him, the artist completely agreed. For those who have had the opportunity to work creatively with him, it seems that no two collaborations with Kanye West are the same. While other artists such as Big Sean (via Million dollar game) chided West for being difficult to work with, you’ll probably never hear that from anyone on The Cleveland Show.

Again, during a conversation with EW, Appel said that Kanye not only showed up for table readings, but was extremely accommodating in recording his lines, even going so far as to voluntarily interrupt his work on his music. Not surprisingly, the character of Kenny West appears several times in the series. In fact, Appel had high hopes for the character’s reappearance. Appel also said in an interview with EW, “We’re excited because his character has become a recurring character in our universe… He’s going to be our Sideshow Bob!”

In retrospect, fans are debating whether West Kelsey Grammer counts as The Cleveland Show, especially since Fox abruptly canceled the show after season 4. But the artist did appear in every season of the show, and his last appearance before it was canceled was, frankly, one of the show’s best.

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