The strange reason Nicolas Cage lived in a haunted house

Being able to stand out in the entertainment industry is an important way to succeed and find some semblance of longevity in a business that is always striving to find the next big thing. It’s not easy for young stars to make a big name for themselves, but we’ve seen names like Tom Holland and Zendaya make huge strides in recent years with their ability to stand out.

Nicolas Cage was able to become a wealthy Hollywood star by standing out in his younger years, and he took his fortune and made several purchases that caught the attention of the press.


Let’s take a look at Nicolas Cage’s haunted house in New Orleans and find out why he made such a strange purchase years ago.

Nicolas Cage is the main star of Hollywood

A truly unique career in the entertainment industry, Nicolas Cage is a performer who has amazed and bewildered fans for years. Despite coming from the infamous Coppola family tree, Cage was able to forge his own name in the business.

Regardless of the size or scale of the project, Nicolas Cage has established himself as a performer who gives his 100% with every performance. This was what was both a blessing and a curse for the actor. Yes, that led him to an Oscar, but it also gave him a negative ear.

However, it helped Cage stand out and cement his legacy on the big screen, and also helped the actor earn a net worth of $ 25 million. Celebrity Net Worth

With a significant fortune to play with, Nicolas Cage went out of his way to get his hands on some unique items.

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Cage made some eccentric purchases

Never shying away from the weird or the beautiful, Nicolas Cage has definitely done his fair share of quirky shopping over the years. Naturally, some of these unique purchases made headlines.

In accordance with GoliathOne of the craziest things Nicolas Cage has ever bought is the set of shriveled heads he keeps in his home. He also bought himself a tomb in advance, which has a bizarre pyramid shape. Again, Cage has always done his own thing, including how he spends his fortune.

Cage also stole headlines when he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio’s price for a dinosaur skull he had to return. Then, of course, we have huge luxury items only for the rich and famous. Compared to pyramidal tombs and dinosaur skulls, these luxury items look pretty mundane. As interesting as it all may be, Nicolas Cage also made a splash when he got what is believed to be a real haunted house in New Orleans.
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Cage lived in a haunted mansion for inspiration

So why did Nicolas Cage buy a haunted house and stay there for a while? It turns out he was looking for inspiration. “The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans used to belong to Madame LaLaurie, a famous 19th century socialite and serial killer. I bought it in 2007 thinking it is a good place to write a great American horror novel. don’t go too far with romance ” the actor said… Separately, Cage mentioned that: “It really was considered a ‘haunted mansion’ in New Orleans. You know, other people have real estate by the sea; I have a property with a ghost view – that’s what I always say. I haven’t experienced anything, but I like a bit of a puzzle, and there is such a puzzle in this house. Some of the stories about him are pretty horrible. ” This may sound strange to some, but for Cage it was both an inspiration and a lifelong dream come true. Is this fantasy? Owning your own piece of Disneyland history. “I’m a kid from California and I would go to Disneyland for a bit – I consider myself to be something like ‘Walt’s son’ – and these memories had an impact on me. One of my greatest memories was the haunted mansion in Anaheim, in New Orleans Square, no less. So for me, reality was the reality of childhood fantasy, ”he said.
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Nicolas Cage may not have created a classic romance while living in a haunted house, but he definitely created a cool story for the actor. He also received acclaim for bringing a fantasy of a lifetime to life.
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