The terrifying way that Warner Bros. promoted “Supernatural”

To draw viewers’ attention to Supernatural during its first season, The WB relied heavily on one of the most shocking images of the pilot episode – Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) pinned to the ceiling by flames (a fate that also befalls one of them). more women towards the end of the episode).

As Los Angeles Times The chain reportedly distributed coffee cup sleeves to about 500 coffee shops across the country, which displayed this image when heated. On top of that, specialized mirrors have been installed in about 200 nightclubs. To anyone who looks into these mirrors, it will seem that behind them a woman is pressed to the ceiling. One can only imagine the shock of a man heading to the club’s restroom to fix his makeup, only to see a terrified woman clinging to the ceiling above him in a fiery flame.

While these promotional efforts certainly attracted attention, it is difficult to determine how effective they were. Supernatural’s long shelf life alone proves that there has always been a built-in segment of viewers who wanted to keep up with the Winchester brothers’ paranormal activities.

However, as noted Hollywood Reporter, the pilot had 5.69 million viewers on the same day it aired on September 10, 2005, and in terms of all WB and CW shows it had an average rating of 4.2 in total views when averaged across all seasons , never dropping below 1. million viewers until its fifteenth and final season. Clearly, even now, Supernatural fans still have an appetite for more, as evidenced by the fact that The CW has released a prequel series called The Winchesters, which will begin airing on October 11th.

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