The time Sal hooked up with the wrong person while filming impractical pranksters

Brian Quinn, James Murray and Sal Vulcano appeared on a recent episode “Hot” spin-off of Truth or Dare, and during an interview, host Sean Evans asked Vulcano, “What’s the closest you’ve ever come to getting punched in the face by fiddling with the wrong thing while filming?” Vulcano responded by recounting an instance when he pushed ahead of a long line at a discount Broadway ticket booth in Times Square and ended up running into a disgruntled war veteran. According to Vulcano, the situation then escalated: “The guy just got lost, he just grabbed me… he grabbed me and strangled…”

Although the script was entirely part of the “Impractical Jokers” episode in which Sal lied and told security that he was with the man, the veteran apparently simply refused to partake in the humor and maintained his anger… and his attempt to stifle Volcano.

Despite all this, Vulcano spoke about the confrontation with a laugh and a general sense of humor. Proof that the trio retain their self-reflective humor, even if the situation during filming is anything but funny.

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