The title ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ came out and the fans were not impressed.

What a day Unbelievable beasts. Social media manager

The troubled movie franchise has. Once again, it did not impress the audience. As it fails to evoke any emotion as it has announced the title and release date of the upcoming third film. Harry Potter.

Fantastic Animals: The Secrets of Dumbledore.It will be released in theaters on April 15, 2022, three months before it was originally released in July. The film’s official Twitter account., Which was announced on September 22, has been bombarded less with friendly messages about production, and more bombarded with some NSFW suggestions about what Dumbledore can hide.

Fans of the original series will remember that one of Dumbledore’s secrets, which he probably kept to himself and carried to his death, was that he was gay and in love with his rival. Gillette loved Grendel Wald.

This was revealed by the author JK Rowling only after the end of the series of original books, and it is. Never featured in any official text.. Since the second film in this “incredibly intense” story series had not yet been discovered, Fantastic Beasts: The Grandfather’s Crimes., Many critics are tweeting the film’s Twitter account with their own suggestions on how to fix it, each individually “hidden” by the beleagured social media team.

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Its effects are difficult to estimate. Harry Potter The world has fallen. A cultural trend that has captured the hearts of billions of people around the world, his seven books and Eight films are respected 20 years later.. The franchise has several theme parks around the world Grip on collective consciousness Seen in attractions, commercials and theaters.

But Wizarding World’s follow-up film series is struggling to find a dedicated audience beyond Dumbledore’s perceptions of sexuality.

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From the persistent insistence of author JK Rowling to the production, there are problems. Double their controversial and flawed remarks about transgender people., To Warner Bruce Grendel Wald asks actor Johnny Depp to “resign” from the role., And many are unwilling to forgive the studio, which they see as some double standard.

“The same company that fired Johnny Depp continued to employ Amber Heard despite her proving her guilt. It’s safe to say. Unbelievable beasts. I have a difficult pass, “wrote one inspiring critic.Unanswered beasts 3. Should be said Warner Bros. Secrets Because they like to work with abusers

But with a log line. Reads close to the plot of the second film., And from a script written by an author. Many people feel unable to continue helping., do not think so Secrets of Dumbledore. He will announce the return of the magic that Warner Bruce must call for.

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