The touching reason why Ali Wong landed a role in Paper Girls

In the midst of the pandemic, most of us were elbow-deep in puzzles and sourdough starter. Not a hairy heartthrob and noted mensch Jason Mantzoukas. The actor, who is perhaps best known for his work on shows like The League and The Good Place, spent his time putting together meaningful packages for his friends, including Ali Wong. “Jason was such a good friend. He sent me a huge box of comics that included the entire Paper Girls series,” Wong said. electronic warfare. “I think I finished it in one or two days. I liked him so much. He didn’t even tell me it was about a young Asian-American girl!”

If the gift itself wasn’t enough, Mantzoukas also offered words of encouragement to his girlfriend when she approached the producers about a role in the adaptation. “Before I read this, Jason said to me, ‘You know, it might be hard for them to see you as an adult Erin, because an adult Erin is a person whose dreams didn’t come true. Ali Wong, you are the man whose dreams have all come true.” “I am not crying, you are crying.

Wong reciprocated by convincing her friend to take on the role as well. He eventually landed the role of Great Father, the owner of a pterodactyl, a member of the Old Guard who played a significant role in the first season finale of Paper Girls. “Paper Girls” marks another collaboration between Mantzoukas and Wong, who previously worked together on projects such as Ralph Breaks the Internet and Big Mouth. “Even though we didn’t get to work together,” Wong said, “it was great to be on this show together.”

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