The trick with the rehabilitation of the image of Johnny Depp after the victory in the trial of Amber Heard

He won a trial that took over the world, but Johnny Depp did not come out unscathed. And now he is fighting to rebuild his career.

Johnny Depp may have won his legal case against ex-wife Amber Heard, but neither side was left unscathed, so the Pirates of the Caribbean star launched an emergency image rehabilitation campaign by joining one of the most vulnerable minorities in the world: the orphaned. badgers.

Not enough work has been done for the orphaned badger community. For too long, orphaned badgers have been silenced and ignored everywhere. Until now.

The attention directed at the orphaned badgers may be the only glimmer of hope after a bitter trial between Depp and ex-wife Heard that saw charges and counter-charges of domestic abuse and exposed the actor’s dark predicament. Depp was ultimately awarded $10.35 million in damages, as opposed to the $2 million awarded to Heard. And although the verdict was in favor of Depp, his reputation is in tatters.

Now he is starting to update the image. And his first act was to support badgers in need.

Ahead of his sentencing this week, the actor flew to the UK and surprised concertgoers by performing on stage with English music icon Jeff Beck in Sheffield. He then made another shocking appearance when he accompanied a rock star to an animal shelter in Kent and cradled an orphaned badger named Freddie.

Was it a calculated photo op to clean up his tarnished image? We cannot say for sure. But it seems timely – just as the scandal-ridden Prince Andrew was unable to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration this weekend because he conveniently tested positive for Covid right before it began.

Folly Wildlife Rescue posted a photo of Johnny with an orphaned badger, Freddie, and provided more details about the visit, which included a tour of the hospital’s medical care and veterinary department.

“To top off the whole visit, we even gave him the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddy… one of the many orphaned badger babies we currently hand raise – and I think it’s fair to say he was blown away by the whole experience!” the caption to the picture gushed.

When it comes to getting back to the top, Johnny is willing to go the extra mile, even if that includes cradling orphaned badgers.

But why did he choose orphaned badgers as a minority to fight for? Well, there are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who are trying to rehabilitate their images, which means that most of the major social and charitable projects are already taken. What’s left? Orphaned badgers.

Now he must truly devote himself to the cause of the orphaned badger. He’s already touring with Jeff Beck, so naturally the next step would be to release a charity single. Then launch a website that sells orphan badger merchandise at inflated prices – t-shirts, ponytails, trucker caps. Then maybe a fundraising gala.

The thing is, celebrities really need to choose their social causes wisely because they will be stuck with them for a very long time. Johnny has several high-profile friends in Hollywood who have supported him during his trial, but his devotion to the orphaned badger community may be too distant.

“Ugh, I can’t believe we went to Johnny’s dinner with an orphaned badger,” Jennifer Aniston sighs to Courteney Cox over the phone. “I’m so sick of writing checks to those stupid badgers!”

This is a desperate act by a desperate man who is now facing an uphill battle to rebuild his Hollywood career.

“Depp’s reputation continues to be shattered despite the fervent wishes of his die-hard fans, due to the actor’s own admission of behavior in his relationship with Heard,” film critic Wenley Ma wrote to this week. .

“High-profile Hollywood studios will not dare to work with Depp again, despite the verdict in his favor – the risk/reward matrix is ​​not true when there are still legions of moviegoers who will boycott everything he participates in.”

Johnny needs orphan badgers more than orphan badgers need Johnny. He uses the community of orphaned badgers for personal gain. It’s disgusting. Use orphaned badgers as an accessory? They are not babies!

Has anyone stopped to ask the orphaned badgers if they even had want be related to Johnny?

News Corp contacted the orphaned badger community, but their spokesperson did not comment ahead of publication.

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