The truth about Darcy Silva’s daughters Aniko and Aspen (and their father)

90 day fiance. Has let us see some of our favorite celebrities through social media. Between Ed and Rose Fiasco, as well as all the other questionable relationship duo, 90 days Never ceases to amaze. While they are, as a whole, regular people, there are sometimes personalities who are ready to compete with other well-known reality TV stars.

Take the example of Darcy Silva. His personality was so large and elegant that we would associate him with the Kardashian tribe. In fact, Darcy and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, managed to score their own spin-off series on TLC. Darcy and Stacey.

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Darcy has been rocking the boat since day one, especially behind her people. Separate from both Jesse and Tom. Well, in the meantime. Darcy and Stacey, Silva succeeds in finding love with Georgie Rousseau once again. The series follows the lives of Darcy’s daughters, Aspen and Aniko, who gained considerable fanfare, however, fans have some questions!

On September 28, 2021, Michael Char updated: Darcy Silva is known for her involvement. 90 day fiance. The series where we first met his two daughters, Aspen and Aniko Bullock. The two appeared in Darcy’s spin-off with their twin sister, Stacey Silva. Darcy and Stacey As fans on TLC learned more about the two, questions about their father began to surface. Well, the couple was born to Darcy and her ex-husband, Frank Bullock. When they stay in touch, mainly for their children, Frank has since started another family. She remarried in 2018 and is currently based in Shenandoah, New York. Darcy has also moved on after her engagement to Georgie Rossio. Despite their love story, Two things During the end of season two of Darcy’s hit series.

Meet Silva Bullock.

Between her twin sister, her two daughters, and a variety of other important types, Darcy Silva’s life is full of a large family. Usually Aniko and Espan Silva are misnamed, Darcy’s girls actually share one last name. His father, Frank Bullock..

Curious why we didn’t really hear about Darcy all the time on the show? Well, not everything is perfect on this front, as “Frank Bullock has moved on in his love life and remarried with more children in the family.” heavy., Which can provoke some friendly animosity between children. A big family usually means big secrets, but there is more to this group.

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Aniko is outspoken.

Both Aniko and Espin were prominent during Darcy Silva’s time. 90 days Both seasons of the franchise and their hit series, Darcy and Stacey. Although Espan has shown a bit of calm with her sister, she is still a strong force and a big presence on social media.

However, it is Aniko who has really shown himself. Inherited his mother’s clear word. For example, it was reported that “Aniko actually stepped in during one of their huge, explosive fights to make sure that Jesse and Darcy started arguing about cutting the steak. The teenager called the two reality stars for her behavior and told them to grow up. heavy.

It’s not just in the family that Aniko is clear. She has been defending her family on social media. Considering fans that Darcy’s behavior is sometimes quite suspicious, there are attacks on Instagram and Twitter. Well, Aniko isn’t about any of that. The 17-year-old girl has made many tweaks and comments about IG in defense of her family.

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So, where did Frank Bullock go?

Fighting for his family is a very important phrase here that connects him to his father. Our feeling is that there is some protection, at least from Aniko. On the show, he was recorded saying, “I think if Jesse wants to be a parent, he’ll have to have more respect for us and my mom, because if he doesn’t, that’s not the reason. Would have been a great relationship, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Knowing that the girls and their father, Frank Bullock, are still close, means that it may not be possible for us to see a new man as a permanent future in Darcy Silva’s life. As far as Frank is concerned, he moved on. Get married again in 2018 Crystal Maple, and the two are currently based in Shenandoah, New York.

Darcy moved towards Georgie Rossio.

After parting ways with Darcy, with whom her children, Aniko and Aspen, were very happy, it seems that it didn’t take long for her to find love again. After the 2020 Super Bowl party, Darcy met Georgio Rousseau, who has been featured in the second season of her TLC series.

Well, Darcy didn’t need to go back to her toxic ways, and fans started calling her a bad role model for her daughters. Despite declaring his love for Georgie, and proposing to Darcy, the two formally leave him at the end of season two. Darcy and Stacey

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