The Truth About Ed And Lorraine Warren Is As Dark As Anything In The Conjuring Movies

Over the past several decades, one thing has been very clear about Hollywood: film studios are always looking for another chance to create a successful film franchise. After all, why would studios make money from just one film when they can make a fortune from a series of successful films? For this reason, the most popular horror films are soon followed by sequels.

On the other hand, there have been some really fantastic horror sequels. On the other hand, there were some really gruesome horror sequels. Of course, one of the main reasons many horror sequels suck is because they struggle to reclaim what made the original film great. When it comes to The Conjuring movies, the first movie in the series is the best, but they all succeeded following a simple formula. Each The Conjuring movie shows how much Lorraine and Ed Warren love each other as they fight alongside an evil supernatural being. However, as it turns out, the Warrens were allegedly hiding a truth that was as grim as anything else seen in The Conjuring movies.


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Ed and Lorraine Warren’s portrayal of The Conjuring

As of this writing, there are three The Conjuring movies released, not counting the spin-offs, and it is likely that more sequels will be released in the future. Of course, the main reason most people looked for The Conjuring movies is because they are pretty scary, and many moviegoers love to be scared. However, there is another important aspect of The Conjuring movies that keeps people coming back to them – the love story of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

When The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It was released in 2021, the Vulture posted an article with an engaging headline, “In fact, The Conjuring is a Love Story.” While most of the talk about the films has been about how scary they are and the stories of bizarre things that happened on the set of The Conjuring, the Vulture’s headline makes a lot of sense. After all, while every Conjuring movie focuses on Warrens battling different threats, all three films have one thing in common: the couple wins because of the love they share.

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The alleged dark truth about Ed and Lorraine Warren’s relationship

If the accusations are correct, The Conjuring films not only showed an incomplete vision of Lorraine and Ed Varenn’s relationship, but were extremely deceiving. Finally, in 2017, The Hollywood Reporter released a report stating that Warner Bros. were informed of statements that paint the Warrens in a terrible light if true. Regardless, they have gone ahead with three films in which the Warrens are portrayed as an adorable couple.

According to Judith Penny, a woman in her 70s, she lived in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s home for forty years. All this time, the Warrens claimed that Penny was either their niece or the “poor girl” whom they took out of the kindness of their soul. Of course, accepting a young person in need is kind-hearted, even if you change your story about how you know him.

In fact, Judith Penny claimed to have slept with Ed Warren constantly during the forty years she lived with the couple, and Lorraine approved of their closeness. As open marriages have become more common in recent years, and Penny says that Lorraine knew what was going on, this doesn’t sound like an egregious thing. However, it’s worth noting that in The Conjuring movies, it seems incredible that Ed or Lorraine Warren would ever need a third party in their relationship.

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While many Conjure fans would be quite shocked to learn that Ed Warren had a long-term physical relationship with another woman, the accusations become much more troubling. In the end, Judith Penny claims that her physical relationship with Ed began when she was just 15 and he was in his 30s.

If things aren’t worrying enough already, Judith Penny claims that at some point she got pregnant with Ed Warren. Judith claims that instead of being around Penny, Lorraine convinced her to have an abortion as the scandal would ruin their business. Talking about how Lorraine convinces her to have an abortion despite publicly claiming to be a devout Catholic, Penny stated that “Warren’s real god is money.” Still incomplete, Penny also claimed that Ed abused Lorraine during their marriage.

When it comes to all of Penny’s statements, it should be noted that she made her statements after Ed passed away and when Lorraine was in very poor health. As a result, it was Warren’s lawyer who denied Penny’s claims on Lorraine’s behalf.

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