The truth about Jamie Foxx’s relationship with his daughter’s boyfriend

Jamie Foxx has a long Hollywood career, winning an Oscar for his role as Ray Charles and appearing in several episodes of his beloved ’90s show. In vivid color… The actor is also known as a great father, he even created a Netflix sitcom about some of his experiences raising his daughter Corinne. Although the series did not run for more than one season, the title Dad, stop embarrassing me! definitely feels relative and fun.

When we start dating someone, we always want our parents and other family members to like them. But as we all know, things can get a little awkward sometimes. Jamie Foxx told a sweet and funny story about meeting one of his daughter’s boyfriends. Let’s take a look at the truth about Jamie Foxx’s relationship with his daughter’s boyfriend.


What does Jamie Foxx think of his daughter’s boyfriend?

It’s great to hear about Jamie and Corinne Fox’s great father-daughter relationship, and it also sounds like he’s gotten a little bit strict about her dating in the past.

Jamie Foxx shares his daughter’s relationship story and according to Today.comsince his daughter Annalize is 12 years old, it looks like he was referring to Corinne, who is 27 years old.

When he showed up on Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonJamie Foxx revealed that his daughter’s partner came when Snoop Dogg was visiting too, which led to a funny situation.

The actor said, “It so happened that my daughter, who didn’t know that I had already checked her boyfriend’s biography, went to the crib and Snoop was there. And I said, “Snoop, there he is. Shake it up And you know, Snoop walked up to my daughter’s boyfriend and just said, “Hey, how are you, how are you? … Hey listen, we are her uncles, you know what I mean, so act accordingly, bro. “

Jamie Foxx added that he was just trying to be a good parent and let his daughter’s partner know that she has a support system: he said, “But the main point of this is that I wanted the young man to understand that she has people who really love her, so if anything goes wrong, Snoop will come. “

When Corinne and Jamie Foxx answered video questions for GQThey also talked about her ex-boyfriend, Jamie said, “I named all my characters after him,” and added, “It feels like subconscious anguish.”

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How do Corinne and Jamie Foxx get along?

Corinne Fox talks about her father “embarrassing” her and according to Page sixShe joked that he once wore a “skinny leather jacket” when she played soccer and she found it tough.

Corinne explained that now that she is well into her 20s, she can have an easier relationship with her dad as she loves his personality and feels close to him. Corinne said: “I am now at the age where I can appreciate all of his quirks and … now I definitely have a new perspective on all of his antics. We’re incredibly close, and I think we always had a yin and yang relationship when it was really over-the-top and I was more reserved, and this is where a lot of conflicts happened as a teenager. But now I think that we can value these qualities in each other and creatively use this to our advantage. “

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Jamie Foxx created “Daddy, stop embarrassing me!”

Jamie Foxx’s sitcom will be released in 2021. Dad, stop embarrassing me! became available for streaming on Netflix and only featured one season out of eight episodes. reported that Jamie Foxx came up with the idea for the show due to his relationship with his daughter Corinne.

Corinne Fox shared in an interview with People that in one of the storylines, dad visits the house of his daughter’s boyfriend Sasha and tries to scare him. She said that it did happen, although she was not aware of it at the time.

Corinne said her boyfriend was “afraid” to explain what happened, and her dad said, “Oh yeah, we went to his house, I brought all my cool friends and we made the whole speech about the shot.” She said that her boyfriend ended the relationship because he was so afraid of Jamie.

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Corinne Fox produced the show and in an interview with Forbes, she said that she and her father made sure that the storylines in the series were clear to many people. While they were truly inspired by the experiences they had together when she was growing up, she said, “The world is fictional and the truth is scattered there.”

Corinne also talked about how she wanted to be successful on her own instead of letting her Hollywood connections help her.

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