The truth about Meghan Markle’s parents

Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland were once a happy married couple living in Los Angeles. Ragland started out as a makeup artist before trying her hand at various professions. While Markle was an Emmy award winning lighting engineer. On August 4, 1981, the couple gave birth to their only child – Rachel Meghan Markle… They had no idea that their daughter would marry the royal family. But who are the people who made the Duchess of Sussex? Here’s the truth about Meghan Markle’s parenting relationship.


Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland met at work

Meghan Markle Papa Thomas Markle

Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland met on the set Main hospital. Ragland worked as a freelance makeup artist and Markle as lighting director. Meghan described the beginning of her parents’ relationship with Elle in 2015.

“It was in the late seventies when my parents met, my dad was a lighting director on a soap opera, and my mom was a temporary employee in the studio.” She joked, “I like to think he was attracted by her cute eyes and her afro, as well as their shared love of antiques.”

Markle and Ragland were married on December 23, 1979 at the Hollywood Self-Realization Temple of Paramahansa Yogananda in a ceremony hosted by Brother Bhaktananda.

Thomas Markle had children from a previous marriage

Meghan Markle Thomas Markle Samantha Markle Siblings
Family photo

Thomas Markle already had a family before he met Doria Ragland. Markle married student Roslyn Loveless in 1964 after meeting at a party on the University of Chicago campus. Together they have two children, Thomas Jr. and Samantha (née Yvonne Marie). Loveless said Mirror in 2019, Thomas was “unfaithful,” “cruel,” and “a terrible father,” arguing that “although he portrays himself as a loving father, he was anything but our two children during our marriage.”

Loveless claims that Markle must have “knocked Doria off her feet” and “turned on the spell like he made me.” Vanity Fair describes the blended family as “the type of low-level creatives that abound in Hollywood enjoying an extraordinary life in the sun.”

Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland’s interracial marriage sparks racism

Thomas Markle Doria Ragland
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Ragland is African American and Markle is Dutch-Irish. Megan told Elle in 2015, people thought her mom was her nanny. “They moved into a home in the Los Angeles Valley, in a green and accessible area,” but not “diverse.” She recalled: “There was my caramel-complexioned mom and her fair-skinned baby in tow and was asked where my mother was because they thought she was a nanny.”

Megan remembered how her mother was called the “N word”: “I was at home in Los Angeles during college recess when my mother was called with the N word.” We left the concert, and she did not leave the parking space. fast enough for another driver. “

But despite the racial injustice, Markle and Ragland made sure Meghan knew how beautiful she is. “They created the world around me so that I felt that I was not different, but special,” the Duchess shared. “When I was about seven, I sucked up to a boxed set of Barbie dolls that included mom, dad and two kids. It was only sold in sets of white or black dolls, ”she explained.

Megan added, “I don’t remember one above the other, I just wanted one. On Christmas morning, wrapped in sequined wrapping paper, I found my Heart Family: a black mom doll, a white dad doll, and a baby of each color. My father disassembled the kits and set up my family. “

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Meghan Markle in her youth with dad
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Meghan also recalled how, after she “didn’t know what to do,” when asked to fill out a seventh grade census card and ended up leaving the ethnicity field blank, her father “said words that always stayed with me:“ If it happens again, you draw your box. “

Unfortunately, Markle and Ragland’s marriage did not last long. The couple eventually divorced in 1987 when Meghan was six years old.

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Meghan Markle child with mom Doria

Markle reveals what drove him and Ragland to divorce in Channel 5 documentary Thomas Markle: My Story. “It all came down to two main factors. For a while everything went well, but I wasn’t enough at home, ”he admitted. “Doria had other interests as well. What was happening in this house at that time did not make me happy. So at first she wanted to go back to the city, and it happened. Then we got divorced. “

Thomas went on to say: “At that time, the whole family broke up. Doria moved with Megan to a beautiful little house, and I saw her on weekends and whenever I could. “

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