The truth about Niles and Daphne’s relationship in Fraser

“Will they be, right?” the plot is far from unique. He has been featured on some of the finest sitcoms of all time, including Fraser’s predecessor, Cheers. But there was something really special about Niles and Daphne’s storyline in the early days of the Cheers spin-off. While some may find Niles’ obsession with Daphne a little problematic (after all, there are a few Fraser episodes that would be banned today), most felt it was one of the best aspects of the show. Of course, casting didn’t hurt the ongoing plot of unrequited love … or any other plot for that matter …


Aside from making an incredible amount of money for the show, Fraser’s cast has also become one of the best cast ever to get together for a sitcom. In fact, it was Fraser’s cast that ended up inadvertently creating the storyline in which Dr. Niles Crane, played by David Hyde Pearce, yearned for Daphne Moon for years. In particular, David, who looks nothing like he did before, actually came up with the idea for his character to fall in love with his father’s healthcare worker. The writers of the series wisely decided to explore this idea …

David Hyde Pearce inadvertently created the Niles / Daphne Crush storyline

During an interview with the Archives of American Television, the two longest-serving Fraser writers, David Isaacs and Ken Levine, explained that it was not the original intention to spark a spark between Niles and Daphne… This means that one of the show’s most iconic storylines almost never surfaced.

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“I think it was like a fluke,” David Isaacs told The Archive Of American Television. “[Niles and Daphne] don’t even date until the second or third episode, maybe the third episode. As far as I remember, there was no grandiose plan for what turned into his unrequited love for her. And he doesn’t know about it. “

According to David, it was actor David Hyde Pearce who created the storyline, making a specific acting choice.

“He seemed to be looking at her. But she walked past him and [David] decided to sniff her hair. As if it was a sweet scent. “

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This choice drew attention to the writers, who thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if he had this incredible crush? evolved into that, ”explained David. “It kind of grew out of a moment or moments like this, and then kind of took on a life of its own for a good seven or eight seasons until we said, ‘Okay. We have to do something different about it. ”

Why Frasier Decided to Follow David Hyde Pearce’s Suggestion

Writer Ken Levine explained to the Archives of American Television that Niles / Daphne’s storyline choices were an example of why Fraser was so good.

“When you have a brand new episode, you want to be ahead, and at the same time, you want to leave yourself open to things that are unexpected but just seem to click,” explained Ken. “You don’t want so many episodes in the queue that you had no room to veer in a different direction. If suddenly you see that you are finding gold. And it’s kind of a balance, but Especially with the new series, at the very beginning, you are experimenting with things. And you kind of see what the audience likes and what they don’t like. And the strengths of your cast and the like. But when something like [David Hyde Pierce’s acting choice] comes, you need to raise the antenna and say, “I think there is money in this.” Let’s drift in that direction. ” Even if it means rewriting and changing some things. “

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Ken went on to say that the new direction that David Hyde Pearce pushed them in was better than what they had originally planned. This seems to be the point of view that has led the creators of Fraser down a number of clever paths. They hired one of the finest actors in sitcom history. Not following their instincts when they found their characters and created chemistry with each other would be a huge mistake. Who knows what storylines we would get if the writers didn’t trust them. But these writers were at the pinnacle of their craft, and the chemistry between David and Jane, Niles and Daphne was undeniable. History was practically written by itself.

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