The truth about Pete Davidson’s relationship with Machine Gun Kelly

Pete Davidson’s rise to fame came from his decades-long comedy role in Saturday nightlifeand Colson Baker, known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly, has huge fans of music. Their friendship is unique and they have captivated audiences over the years, and the more they appear together on social media and in public, the more fans want to know about their unique bond.

These two stars are successful in their own right, and together they are the life of every party and the constant center of attention of the press. As their friendship continues to develop in front of the cameras and they share their shenanigans with fans online, many are wondering how this unlikely friendship even came about and what exactly these two young men have in common.

10 They met at Wild ‘n out

Pete Davidson and Heavy Kelly’s friendship began in 2017 when they first met on the set of the movie. Wild ‘n out… They instantly found a common language, and it was obvious to everyone around that they were destined to become best friends. The conversation between them proceeded smoothly, and they discovered that they share the same past times and passions. Their sense of humor revived and their friendship was instantly strengthened.

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9 Pete Davidson is a big fan of MGK music

Pete Davidson admits to being a huge fan of Machine Gun Kelly’s music. In fact, during an interview with Pete Davidson in 2019, he talked about it; he read “every word of MGK Last news “He loved MGK’s music long before they ever had the opportunity to meet in person, which has contributed to the organic growth of their friendship over time.

eight MGK now watches weekly “SNL”

Pete Davidson’s love is definitely mutual. Machine Gun Kelly now admits that he’s tuned in to Saturday nightlife weekly and makes sure to faithfully watch the Pete Davidson excerpt. He’s a big fan of Pete Davidson’s poignant humor and loves to watch his buddy take current events and turn them into comedic sketches. MGK fully supports its buddy’s performances.

7 Pete Davidson stars in Machine Gun Kelly’s music videos

Each of these men brings their own unique talent to their friendship, and the world benefits from seeing the mixture of music and comedy that unfolds on the Internet. Pete Davidson may not be musically inclined, but thanks to Machine Gun Kelly, he has appeared in several of his music videos. Davidson played a cameo in Candy music video, playing the role of a pharmacist, and also decorated LOCO video.

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6 Machine Gun Kelly made appearances on SNL

Of course, a friendship of this magnitude has many benefits. Machine Gun Kelly was able to reap the benefits of immense fame after his buddy Pete helped him gain access to Saturday nightlife scene. He was introduced as a musical guest and could appear in front of an audience that would not otherwise be attuned to his music or his social media accounts.

5 They look more like brothers than friends.

During an interview with Howard Stern in September 2020, Coulson Baker spoke about the true bond he shares with Pete Davidson and stated that he considers him more brother than friend. He stated, “I have no brothers and sisters, you know, so when you have someone like Pete, it’s like my little brother. He is like my best friend, but also like a younger brother, so, like, you have the opportunity to live a dynamic like having a brother or sister. So obviously it sounds like a dream to me. Pete is the same to me. “

4 Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly talk publicly about their bromance

Perhaps one of the most compelling qualities of their friendship is the manner in which Pete Davidson and Colson Baker talk about each other. An example of this was Pete Davidson’s appearance on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in September 2021. He described funny moments he and Baker shared, including the time they were fooling around so much that Colson Baker fell from Saturday nightlife Stage. They always have funny stories about their time together, and MGK and Pete admit that they are very protective of their friendship.

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3 They see each other in difficult times.

These two stars are not just friends who hang out during good times. They also remain steadfast in their quest to see each other during very difficult times. When Pete Davidson and his longtime girlfriend and fiancée Ariana Grande broke up, Pete posted some cryptic and dark thoughts on social media, prompting MGK to immediately act in support of his friend. He immediately flew to New York to check on Davidson, and remained there until he was convinced that he saw him during this emotionally and morally difficult time.

2 They definitely know how to have a good time.

Combining a talented musician with a talented comedian is some serious fun. The jokes and laughter continue as MGK and Pete Davidson share special moments together, and they share many of their funny moments on social media for fans to entertain. Whether they pose together in Calvin Klein underwear or at a party with mutual friends, they always seem to engage in fun and boyish shenanigans.

one Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson Protect Each Other’s Privacy

In recent days, Machine Gun Kelly has proven that he values ​​his friend’s privacy and will never betray Pete Davidson’s trust. The press swarmed around him, trying to find information about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashianromance, Colson remained silent and did not let the details slip away. He is obviously aware of the nature of Pete’s relationship with Kim K, but has gone a long way. refusal to break Pete’s trust… Looks like fans will have to get information directly from Pete Davidson himself!

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