The Truth About RHOC Star Noella Bergener Divorce

In the first episode of season 16 of Bravo That Real housewives Orange County, new cast Noella Bergener spoke about her marriage to James and how much she loves him. Although only a few episodes of the reality show aired, fans now know that Noella and James are breaking up. Us weekly reported that the couple tied the knot in June 2020 and it was James who filed for divorce. Heather Dubrow returns to ROC was a really big event for the fans and now that there is so much going on in Noella’s marriage, viewers want to keep watching to see what happens.


Fans want to know more about what’s going on while Noella goes through this difficult time. Noella presented herself as such a strong person, and it sounds like a very sad situation. Read on to find out the truth behind Noella Bergener’s divorce.

What’s going on with Noella Bergener’s divorce?

Cameras followed quite a few ROC star Shannon Beador’s divorce as Shannon spoke about the process, and Noella Bergener also talks about how dire her situation is. Noella is a mother of two children: son James Jr. and daughter Coco, whom she shares with her ex.

Noella Bergener shares her divorce is progressing slowly and according to People, Noella said, “wrap this up.”

Noella also said that her ex-James says she won’t let him spend time with their child, which is a complete lie. Noella explained, “All of this can be refuted because he is the one who signed up for this show, filmed for this show, signed releases for the show, so it all feels like goodbye. he got up after seeing his son, we are now six months old, it’s just absolutely absurd, and it’s, you know, seeing your child! Get on the plane. “

It looks like the relationship between Noella and James got quite tense as he allowed her to use “one single credit card,” as Noella explained. In accordance with Page sixNoella said that James could rob her of all her money and it would be tough. Noella said that “he doesn’t get paid the rent” and “we are currently squatting in our 10,000-square-foot mansion, which is very creepy.”

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About a week ago, Noella shared a very serious Instagram post and spoke more about the situation, making it clear that she and James were no longer getting along and that she was very worried about money. It looks like things have been complicated for several months now.

Noella began by writing: “At least we are on the same page on this issue. James and I reached a mediation agreement in September. His lawyer did not indicate that it is now December 30, and he still has not signed it. “

Noella said that he does not have access to PayPal and Venmo, and that James constantly insists that he is going to sue her. Noella also said that although she continues to show James videos and photographs of their baby, James has never come to visit. Noella said she wanted James to sign a meditation agreement so she could move on and said, “Let me go. Stop controlling me with money. “

James also talked about the divorce on his Instagram account. He has uploaded some videos and says he wants to share his story. According to James, Noella wanted to star in ROC and she “changed.” Noella said that James wanted to be on the show and that it was his choice.

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Noella Bergener meets again

Noella Bergener was interviewed for the podcast and talked about her personal life.

Fans should know that Noella is dating someone. During the interview Us weeklyon the podcast “Getting Real with the Housewives,” Noella said, “It’s just slow. It’s very, very fresh. So who knows. After all, I have a wonderful friend, but now we are friends who are kissing. “

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Noella also spoke about her new partner: “There is someone I have known for many years. He knew that I was married and he knew my husband. This is not at all strange, we just love and respect each other very much. one of those who just constantly tested me. For example, the moment James left, just like, “How are you? Do you need something? Do the children need anything? ” Like, one of them. “

Fans ROC definitely support Noella and hope that she can finalize her divorce soon.

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