The Truth About “Stupid Sexy Flanders” Gag On The Simpsons

There is no shortage of iconic Simpsons moments. Currently, the mainstream focuses exclusively on all of the Simpsons’ predictions about the future that have come true. While incredibly impressive, they are not nearly as remarkable as the fictional works in the early years of the series. After all, The Simpsons episodes like Marge vs. the Monorail are a pop culture phenomenon. Not only that, but well-known lines from these episodes have entered our language, as well as the “meme culture” … um … um … “Everything goes up, Millhouse” …


Among these classics is the famous “Silly, Sexy Flanders” from the 2000s episode “Little Big Mom.” It was one of the funniest attempts to untie the gag that Homer’s religious neighbor Ned Flanders had ridiculously ripped apart. There comes a point where Homer tries to remember how to ski, losing control on the slopes. Rather than remembering skills that would save his life, all he can focus on is what Ned’s ass looked like in tight ski gear. The repetition of Ned’s phrase “I don’t seem to wear anything at all” prompts Homer to say “Silly sexy Flanders” … And at that moment one of the most famous lines in The Simpsons was born … Here is its true origin. …

How Ned Flanders got better

Despite being at the very end of what was considered the “golden age of the Simpsons,” Season 11’s Little Big Mom has become one of the most beloved episodes. So much so that Mel Magazine spoke to the episode’s writers in order. find out the true origin of the hilarious episode and the moment is one of the most quoted in the history of the show.

To understand the origins of “Silly, Sexy Flanders,” one must first look at the origins of Ned Flanders, who was secretly an absolute handsome man.

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“Flanders and Willie the gardener are similar in this. In shirts, they look like they have a small belly, but when they take off their shirts, they say, “Wow! “So, under this sweater, Flanders has a really beautiful body,” explained Caroline Omin, writer and producer of Little Big Mom to MEL magazine. “There is one [episode] where Homer shoots a dating video for Flanders, and Homer shows it in the shower, and it’s kind of uneven. From here we got a complaint from a viewer who said, “I don’t mind if you pixelated Flanders’ crotch.” I just object that it was so big. “

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While making Ned Flanders so handsome might seem like an odd move, by the time Little Big Mom aired it was one of the most beloved jokes on the show. It was first set in a 1992 episode titled “A Streetcar Named Marge,” where Ned takes off his shirt for the first time. Given how straightforward his character was (and is), the writers found it fun to give him a swaying body. On top of that, it was a nice contrast to Homer. If Homer didn’t give a damn about religion and he was fat, then Ned was completely Christian and was torn apart.

How “Silly Sexy Flanders” appeared

While numerous screenwriters have contributed to some of the most memorable jokes about The Simpsons, according to her interview with MEL magazine, writer and producer Karoyln Omin is almost solely responsible for Silly, Sexy Flanders. When she was tasked with creating the story of Marge’s injury and Lisa taking her place, Caroline created the hole in which the Simpsons and Flanders go skiing. Here Marge hurts herself and Homer recites one of the most quoted lines in the show’s history.

“For Little Big Mommy, I think it was [writer] George Meyer came up with a funny idea that they should ski, and Marge won’t ski, but she gets injured in a ski lodge. So the clock fell off the wall and broke her leg. For the rest of this set, we just had to think about the fun things about skiing, Caroline explained. – We already joked about Flanders with such an amazing body, so she turned into Flanders in super sexy ski gear. We knew we wanted Homer to be uncomfortable with Flanders, so we made him shake his ass and say, “It feels like I’m not wearing anything at all!” It was all from the first meeting where a group of writers told a story. A week later, I turned in a plan for a few senior contributors to take notes. After that I went and did my sketch. “

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Caroline went on to say that she has very “concrete memories” of how she came up with Silly, Sexy Flanders.

“Nothing at all!” and Silly Sexy Flanders were in my initial draft, and after the draft was submitted, the writing team went over it. Then we read the table, then we scan it again. After that, it is recorded. Three months later, we get an animatic, which is a rough animation. Then we do another rewrite and there are often quite a few changes there. After six months, we get a color animation. At this stage, we really can’t change too much due to lack of time and money, but we can change a little – we can insert lines when someone’s head turns away, and the like. Then you add music and sound effects and you’re done. The animation takes nine months in total, and the whole process takes about 11 months. Fortunately, “Silly Sexy Flanders” went through it all and went on the air. “

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