The truth about the History Channel’s ‘Lonely’ TV show.

History Channel’s survival reality television show ‘Tanha’ has attracted millions of viewers since its first season in 2015. Show title contestants are allowed to bring one to 10 items. Pre-approved list Out of 40 survival items. This list includes items such as fishing line, canteen, sleeping bag, etc. Compass was added to the list after season 4. Fuel, matches, bug sprays and sunscreen are all prohibited. Competitions are provided with a. Standard survival kit It includes first aid and practical clothing, as well as a basic satellite phone for emergencies. If a competitor has enough, they can “tap out” using a satellite phone.

Because other survival shows have been heavily scripted and edited (That is, the survivor.The authenticity of ‘loneliness’ is often questioned. Truth be told, this show is as realistic as survival programs. The contestants make the films themselves and are not offered any help by the producers and medical staff, who visit their camp sites to find out their physical strength and replace the batteries in their equipment. Producers and medical staff are prohibited from talking to competitors about the outside world in order to preserve the competitor’s isolation. If a contestant does not meet the health standards of the show, they are disqualified. Carly Fairchild, a Season 3 contender The Andes survived at the foot of the mountains. For 86 days but was sent home when a medical check-up revealed that his BMI was dangerously low. The last survivor wins half a million dollars – the following season, the vessel was raised to a million dollars as an incentive to escape the harsh Arctic Circle.

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If something is deceived ‘alone’, it is drama that is produced in post-production. Unlike other reality shows that rely on mutual conflicts to create the story, ‘Lonely’ focuses on the contestant’s battle with the will and the external environment. In an interview.“They didn’t show as much skill and project as we all did,” said Larry Roberts, frustrated with editing his story line. Robert was portrayed as an “angry white man” despite the fact that during his 64-day stay in the desert, only a few angry fires erupted and he realized that his greatest achievement was the final cut. Are left out

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By: History Channel.

“I had only one scene to find the chanterelle mushroom.” “I survived 10 days on a chanterelle mushroom alone,” he said. Roberts was the runner-up in ‘Eleven’ Season 2, losing $ 500 to David McIntyre.

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With thousands of hours of footage, the staff behind the scenes of ‘Lonely’ has a lot of work to do. Executive producer Sean Witt told Synopsis that the footage “requires months of screening and a team of more than 25 associate producers to record thousands of hours of our participants – before our story begins in the team post.” The edit assures viewers that competitors are far apart, in fact, they have camp sites. Just a few miles away..

Enthusiastic fans have searched for trails and marked routes in Google Maps that indicate that competitors can easily find each other, although you will never be able to tell from the show’s final cut. To enhance the suspense, the footage shot by the contestants can be cut to show their situation as it was before. This is not to say that they are not struggling. The landscapes in which they live are free from winter. Lots of food.

Regardless of their location, competitors never communicate. Producers monitor competitors with GPS trackers to make sure they are not getting too close to each other or to civilization. Speaking about the difficulty in finding a suitable venue for the show, Sean Whitt said, “We have to make sure that the destination we consider has enough land to support the 10 isolated participants, while they Equal and adequate survival resources, such as fresh water, flora and fauna, we must also ensure that open fires are allowed 24-7 and that local fish and wildlife regulations allow our participants to purchase the food they need to survive. This challenge explains why the show often uses the same location for several seasons, e.g. Desert of Canada. Vancouver Island featuring Seasons 1, 2 and 4.

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Despite the editing, ‘lonely’ is a raw look at the human experience. Competitors are pushed to their physical and mental limits, their only companions (usually) are the cameras they are responsible for and the wildlife that surrounds them. Ted Baird won a special season of ‘Loneliness’ in which competitors competed in two teams. He and his brother Jim Baird were the first Canadians to win the competition. Talking about the mental preparation needed to overcome the wild, Ted said, “I would liken it to someone preparing for the Olympics or the triathlon. Your mental memory needs to be trained and exercised. , If not more than your body.

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