The Truth Finally Reveals Why David Fincher’s Mission: Impossible 3 Never Happened

Appearance at 200th episode Light the Fuse PodcastCruise was asked about David Fincher’s brief stint on Mission: Impossible 3. The actor went into detail about the decision not to move forward with the project under Fincher, saying, “We didn’t move forward because they’re just… like any movie… you know, it’s so talented and it would just be very different.” A lot of people, and I’ve worked on this with a lot of writers and different directors, have never really understood what’s working in a franchise. So that’s where we went. I don’t know what it was, it didn’t look like “Mission”.

The legendary actor continued by saying that he respects the directors of the Mission: Impossible franchise who don’t actually work on films. Even though Cruise would love to work with these directors, he is focused on providing a consistent experience in the Mission: Impossible films. Given Fincher’s film catalog, his version of Mission: Impossible 3 would likely be a stark departure from previous films, more than likely causing some drastic tonal shifts for longtime fans of the series. Either way, Cruise seems to respect Fincher’s work, but doesn’t think he’s quite right for Mission: Impossible.

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