The Unexpected Reason Why Mila Kunis Is Hesitant to Introduce Her Kids to Griffin

Because of the show’s crude humor, some Family Guy fans might think that Mila Kunis doesn’t want her kids to watch the cartoon as it might not be age appropriate. However, she claimed that she had nothing against its content. Instead, she believes her son and daughter might be embarrassed when they find out their mother is voicing a cartoon character. “I will let them open it on their own. I think it’s so weird. It would be like this – I don’t know, whenever they want to.” [watch it]. I think the show is funny, me too – we fight in the house, it’s not censorship that bothers me, but the idea, for example, “Why is mom’s voice in the cartoon?”, The 70s Show actress said. Entertainment tonight in Canada in 2020.


While Kunis may not be strict about what her kids can watch on TV, she and her husband have set firm rules in their home. During an April 2021 performance at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” the actress shared that she strives to ensure that her son and daughter are not materialistic. She explained that they don’t have many things and they wear used clothes. “Our children are very lucky. Whatever it was, they were born at the right time to the right people, and I love them, but they will not be called asses,” vowed Kunis.

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