The Unexpected Source of Breaking Bad’s Meth Props Might Surprise You

What appears to be meth in Breaking Bad is actually candy from a local Albuquerque candy store called candy lady, owned by Debbie Ball. Ball said Vice that the candy is similar to the “supersaturated sugar solution that crawled along the rope” that children often make at school. The original candy was clear, but it later turned blue to reflect Walter White’s new blue meth recipe. Ball was approached by the show’s creators to make a meth prop because she already had a reputation for being a candy prop for movies and TV, including Shameless.

Overall, Ball’s involvement with Breaking Bad seems to have helped her business. She told Vice that before the show, 50% of her clients were locals. “Now everything is upside down. I would say that seventy-five percent of my clients are tourists looking for Breaking Bad stuff,” she added. Ball still sells many of her original merchandise, such as fudge, caramel, and licorice, but she also sells various Breaking Bad merchandise, as well as fake meth lollipops. However, some parents and educators do not approve of such a product, considering it a bad example for children. According to Fox Newssome children were even suspended for bringing candy to school.

One thing is for sure: Candy Lady is one example of how Breaking Bad changed Albuquerque as a city.

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