The Unexpected Thing Young Sheldon Fans Really Love About The Series

When Young Sheldon started, the focus was obviously on Ian Armitage as 9-year-old Sheldon. The stories were about how he discovered his first comic, dealt with his first serious love, or got caught playing Dungeons & Dragons. There were scenes related to his family, like Georgie (Montana Jordan) being jealous of Sheldon, but for the most part they were background moments. However, season 6 started to focus on other family members and fans loved it. “I love that the show talks less about Sheldon and more about the rest of the family,” he wrote. u/jcestr on the Reddit thread “Young Sheldon”.

Some fans believe that the cause is George’s impending death, which, according to Big Bang Theory lore, occurs when Sheldon is 13 years old. redditor at/shoshpenda suggested, “That’s why the family dynamic has become prominent, as it needs to be answered and, for now, it can’t be put off any further.” Whatever the reason, fans love learning more about the Cooper family.

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