The unexpected way Aaron Paul prepared for his role in Breaking Bad

As Breaking Bad fans know, Jesse struggles with his own drug addiction throughout the series, constantly going from drug use to trying to quit. So there are quite a few scenes where Aaron Paul had to portray a character who was either currently high or experiencing withdrawal symptoms. AT Reddit During a discussion on “Ask Me Anything” shortly before the series finale of Breaking Bad, Paul revealed how he prepared for those scenes.

In one response to a Reddit thread, a Breaking Bad fan and self-proclaimed “chronic former meth user” praised Paul’s performance on the show, especially regarding Jesse’s drug use. “I feel about the series a little differently. u/cxg_abq said. “Did you actually interact with drug addicts to prepare for the role of Jesse? Some of the performances were great.”

Paul wrote: “First of all, it’s good that you stopped. Secondly, yes, I spent a lot of time with former addicts and people who were using drugs at the time. I wanted to try to make this character as honest as possible. and I saw a darker side of people that I had never seen before. Methamphetamine is a terrible drug, as you know, and it can get you a strong grip. Seriously, good for you.”

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