The Unexpected Way HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Made Canadian History

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has announced that the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us is the largest film/television production made in Canada. City News. Alberta is one of Canada’s most diverse provinces, with bustling cities like Calgary and Edmonton and scenic vistas like Banff National Park, home to part of the Canadian Rockies. Kenny said The Last of Us is just one of 50 productions taking advantage of the province’s film and television tax credit, a move that has created more than 9,000 jobs in Alberta.

“We wanted to send a message to HBO, Disney, Universals and MGM around the world,” Kenny said. “Alberta is open for business and committed to launching their products, and we’re going big.” The video game takes place in iconic American cities such as Austin, Boston, and Jackson Hole, each with a more distinct culture and aesthetic than the last. Surprisingly, HBO filmed most of its adaptation in Alberta. The abandoned city of Boston and its quarantine camp have been recreated near Calgary’s iconic Stampede Park, site of the annual Calgary Stampede. GamesRadar. The city of Canmore, lying in the Rocky Mountains, was transformed into Jackson Hole, Wyoming (via RMOToday)

Luke Azevedo of Calgary Economic Development praised the HBO series for using the landscape of Alberta for The Last of Us. “They’re going to all these smaller regions – the prairie, the mountains, the badlands – and putting a lot of money into it,” Azevedo said (via STV news), expressing the hope that the Canadian province will be home to larger productions.

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