The untold truth about Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid

After Johnny’s father abandoned him and his mother Laura, Johnny developed a deep rejection problem that manifested itself in many ways, but mainly in holding things that once belonged to his father. Laura eventually discovered Johnny’s hiding place and explained that they would be living with her new husband and Johnny’s new stepfather, Sid Weinberg. Since Johnny was still quite young, he threw a tantrum and, naturally, had a hard time with change. Fortunately, his mother was there to help him with this. Even when Sid belittled Johnny, Laura often stood in the gap to protect her son.

So it’s not surprising that when Laura passed away in 2002, Johnny fell into a downward spiral of alcohol abuse. For several months, Johnny continued to drink and work odd jobs to support his fatal lifestyle. At that time, he began dating fellow alcoholic Shannon Keane, who became pregnant by his son, Robbie. Unfortunately, while he was drowning in his own grief, Johnny missed the birth of his son, who would grow up to be just as restless as Johnny. It would haunt him for years, believing he had “failed”. [his] Unfortunately, instead of immediately correcting this mistake, Johnny takes several seasons of Cobra Kai to at least try to become a father to his son.

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