The untold truth about killer clowns from outer space

Before the production of “Killer Clowns from Space” Stephen Chiodo (and his brothers, Charles and Edward) did props, special effects, and animation for films such as Animals, The History of the World: Part I, The Sword and the Wizard, and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. They may have been primarily known as special effects specialists, but they also wanted to make films themselves. One of their first credits was creating props for Shelley Duvall’s criminally underrated series.fairy tale theaterwhich in turn helped them in their ultimate goal.

When talking to a podcast”dead talk liveSteven Chiodo credited Fairy Tale Theater producer Fred Fuchs for giving them the opportunity to make Killer Clowns from Space. budget feature films, and he approached the brothers to see if they were interested.

By then, they already had the idea for “Killer Clowns from Outer Space”. So they made a poster and mock-up of a clown with a gun, wrote a treatment for the film, and brought it all to Trans World Entertainment for submission. It went so well that the executive said, “I can sell it,” and the studio bought the project before the script was even written.

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