The Untold Truth About Minions: Rise of Gru

It may be hard to believe, but the Despicable Me franchise is over a decade old. Thus, the minions have earned their place in popular culture. Several of The Rise of Gru’s voice actors have expressed great appreciation for being part of the characters’ continuing legacy.

Michelle Yeoh, who voices the new character, Master Chow, spoke at the world premiere of the film about her adoration for the minions, dressed from head to toe in yellow robes in their honor. “I must be so excited, right?” she noticed about her wardrobe. “I love the fact that I’m part of this series. I’ve always liked minions.”

Julie Andrews, who reprises her role as Gru’s mother, agrees. Andrews appeared on “The Tonight Show” and begged Jimmy Fallon, “Aren’t these minions adorable? Don’t you love them?” She continued her best impression of the minion.

Steve Carell, Gru’s longtime voice, understands why these characters are so loved by everyone. “They are equally obnoxious, hysterical and stupid,” he said. told Entertainment Tonight. “I think they represent that side of us all that we sometimes like to be, but not always.”

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