The untold truth about Poopies by Jackass

Jackass was just a more extreme, mature version of the jokes that Sean McInerney and his friends got into in their early teens, so it’s understandable that they enjoyed the show. One Friday night, McInerney made the mistake of blurting out that he needed to poop, so his friends took full advantage of the situation and were clearly inspired by a lewd stunt show they looked at the time. The group convinced him to wear a gorilla mask with matching gloves and do a dirty deed on a very public street.

When talking with Hit, recalls McInerney: “The boys were laughing so hard in the bushes … somehow the cops got there really fast. I felt like I robbed a bank or something. Four police cars drove up shouting, “Get down on the ground!” The boys jumped over the fence and surrendered. It was the first time I was arrested like a thunder. All my friends told everyone at school the next day. And then I was a kid who pooped in the street.”

Since McInerney was a minor, the police soon released him, and when his father drove him home, he admitted that the stunt was funny. From that day on, McInerney was known to everyone as “Poopy” because his friends never let anyone forget that night or even let him introduce himself by his real name.

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