The untold truth about Prince Daemon Targaryen of the House of the Dragon

Though she died when he was still a young child, Prince Damon learned to ride dragons from his mother, Alyssa, who first rode him on the back of her own dragon, Meleis, when he was only a few days old. In his 20s, Damon adopted his late uncle Aemon’s dragon, Caraxes. Karax came of age with his mother’s dragon in the Dragonpit, where the Dragon Keepers gave him the nickname “Blood Serpent” because he was the most vicious of the claws. Prince Daemon’s newly appointed steed was a perfect match in both physical and temperament. Like Damon, Caraxes was fast, strong, and intimidating, though he was also thin and agile. He was as ready to rush into battle and as ruthless face to face with the enemy as his rider.

Prince Damon rode the Caraxes for pleasure, for show, in combat, and as a rescue ship. Together they conquered the Steps, toured the Free Cities of Essos, and fought in the Targaryen Civil War, in which the Greens opposed the Blacks. Caraxes met his end during the Battle of the Eye of God. Prince Daemon and Caraxes challenged Aemon Targaryen and his great dragon Vhagar to battle over a huge lake with an island in the middle (hence its name) in Harrenhal. Caraxes bit him in the lower abdomen and lost his wing, but he managed to deliver a fatal blow to the throat of Vagar, who fell dead on the shore of the lake. Mortally wounded, Caraxes died a little later outside the walls of Harrenhal.

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