The untold truth about repo men

“Repo Men” may be a sci-fi movie, but the science aspect is of particular interest. Although the development of artificial organs has not yet reached the level shown in “Repo Men”, to some extent they have already become a reality. After all, what is a dialysis machine if not an artificial kidney?

Many may not know that a fully artificial heart has actually been developed and even transplanted to several patients. The dog was the first recipient of the first mechanical heart in 1957. It was first given to humans in 1969 when it was inserted into a patient as a temporary measure until a real heart was available for transplant. The idea of ​​an artificial heart to replace the organic heart forever did not bring real results until the mid-1980s, when five patients got the opportunity to test one of them.

The maximum period during which the patient lived with one of them is more than a year. 620 days to be exact. The device, created by American physician Robert Yarvik and called Yarvik-7, was the first permanent artificial heart in history. “Repo Men” does not forget the man who started what the fictional corporation The Union is perfecting and monetizing. Remy’s boss, Frank (Liev Schreiber), and Remy both refer to Artiforg hearts as Jarviks. In addition, in the blink of an eye you can see a street sign that says Jarvik St. These are obvious references to the man who helped pioneer the science of biomechanical organs.

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